The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3147

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3147-The Elixir Pavilion was the most influential faction in the Boundless Realm. Naturally, they had already noticed the aberration in the Aqua Realm.

Silvester replied, “Yeah, I did. I’ve already sent a few of my men to investigate the situation but haven’t gotten a definite answer yet.”

James shared his conjecture. “I suspect the Sanctuary of Darkness is behind this incident. I’m already at the Aqua Realm. If this has something to do with them, I won’t be able to stop them with my current strength. I suggest you come over along with Helvius.”

“Alright, no problem.”

James’ contributions in the previous battle helped the Elixir Pavilion avoid annihilation.

That was why Silvester agreed to James’ call for help without any hesitation.

After communicating with Silvester, James deactivated the Secret Art.

Afterward, Silvester hastily headed out to find Helvius.

Silvester explained the situation to Helvius and made a few arrangements in the Elixir Pavilion. Then, the two departed for the Aqua Realm.

Silvester and Helvius were powerful cultivators. Therefore, it was easy for them to traverse the Boundless Realm in mere moments.

Very shortly after James’ requested their assistance, the two showed up.

“Mr. Caden.”

A voice called out to James.

James turned around and saw Silvester and Helvius. He clasped his hands together and greeted them.

Silvester looked at Thea and asked. “Who might this be?”

James pulled Thea over and smiled. “She’s my wife.”

“Thea, this is the Old Master of the Elixir Pavilion, Silvester. The other man is Helvius, the current Master of the Elixir Pavilion.”

Thea immediately paid her respects. “It’s a pleasure to meet the two of you.”

Silvester waved his hand and said, “You don’t have to be so formal with me.”

James did not waste time on inconsequential matters and quickly jumped to the topic at hand, saying, “Nico told me that a Heaven’s Adjudicator was sealed in the Aqua Realm during the Primeval Age. This Heaven’s Ajudidactor seems to be related to the Sanctuary of Darkness. So, I’m worried the drying up of the Aqua Realm’s seawater was caused by the Sanctuary of Darkness.”

Helvius thought for a while and said, “To the Elixir Pavillion’s knowledge, we know the Sanctuary of Darkness has a master. However, he did not show up during the recent battle. The person leading the fight was merely their deputy master.”

Silvester nodded and said, “The Sanctuary of Darkness’ Deputy Master is Tamuuz Darkness. As for their master, we have no information on their name nor appearance.”

James asked. “Then what about their strength?”

Both Silvester and Helvius shook their heads.

Although the Elixir of Pavilion were in conflict with the Sanctuary of Darkness for some time, they had never seen the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master, nor did they know how strong they were.

James fell into deep thought.

The Sanctuary of Darkness’ Deputy Master already possessed such overwhelming strength. Their Master would likely be a lot more powerful.


James inhaled sharply after briefly pondering it.

If the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master was more formidable than their Deputy Master, he must be invincible in the Boundless Realm.

Their only chance of victory would be resurrecting Emperor Jabari.

“Let’s check out the situation in the Aqua Realm first,” said James.

Then, the group began to wander around the Aqua Realm.

The planet used to be filled with corrosive seawater, and some ruins were severely corroded. A few cities were unable to withstand the corrosion, and were destroyed.

Judging from the ruins left behind, the planet used to be vast and prosperous during the Primeval Age.

Just as Silvester and Helvius appeared inside the Aqua Realm, some mysterious men in black suddenly appeared in the space outside of the Elixir Realm.


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