The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3148

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3148-A few mysterious men in black appeared outside the Elixir Realm.

Their silhouettes were initially hazy but gradually gained more form.

The person in the lead was Tamuuz, who had escaped after his defeat in the previous battle.

After his defeat, Tamuuz fled from the Elixir Realm and returned to the Sanctuary of Darkness’ base.

He was reprimanded heavily for failing his mission. If not for his usefulness, he would have been disposed of instantly.

Previously, all the powerhouses from the Sanctuary of Darkness were dispatched to the battle. However, their mission failed, and most of the Sanctuary of Darness’ powerhouses were captured.

To save them, the Sanctuary of Darkness drew up a rescue mission.

They planned to lure away their opponents.

One of the Heaven’s Adjudicators was indeed sealed within the Aqua Realm.

Tamuuz knew the presence of the Sanctuary of Darkness in the Aqua Realm would attract James and the Elixir Pavilion’s attention. Following that, the Elixir Pavilion’s men would surely be dispatched to Aqua Realm to investigate.

It would give the Sanctuary of Darkness the perfect opening to launch a sneak attack on the Elixir Pavilion and rescue their captured members.

“When do we strike, Sir?”

A voice came from behind Tamuuz.

Tamuuz’s expression was grim and menacing. He glared at the world ahead of them and said, “There’s no rush. Our master will trap James and notify us of our next step.”


Suddenly, a shadow flickered, and a cultivator in a black robe appeared in front of Tamuuz.

Tamuuz asked. “How’s the situation?”

“Silvester and Helvius have left the Elixir Pavilion and should be in the Aqua Realm presently.”

Hearing this, a smug formed on Tamuuz’s wicked face.

“The Elixir Pavilion will be an easy target after our Master traps Silvester and Helvius.”

Taamuz led some powerhouses and hid outside the Elixir Realm. However, they did not immediately launch their attack but waited for their Master’s orders.

Since the Sanctuary of Darkness had fewer people at their disposal, their master had to personally participate in the mission.

At the same time, the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master roughly discerned James’ cultivation level. Their chancellor and deputy master were unable to stop him even after they absorbed Curse Power. Therefore, he concluded that James would not be an easy opponent.

Even he was not confident he could deal with James.

Therefore, he decided not to confront James in a head-on fight. Instead, he would set up a trap to capture James.

After James was successfully immobilized, he could not return to help the Elixir Pavilion even if he learned about their attack.

Meanwhile, James was completely unaware he had already fallen into a trap.

James, Nico, Silvester, Helvius, and Thea were still exploring the Aqua Realm.

The Aqua Realm was a forbidden place. For thousands of years, no living being dared to step foot on the planet. However, the news of Aqua Realm drying up attracted the attention of many powerhouses, and many came to investigate the incident.

Along the way, James’ party encountered many other cultivators.

The cultivators they met were generally from very high ranks.

However, they did not know James and as such, did not acknowledge him.

In the blink of an eye, James’ party had been on the Aqua Realm for three years.

During these three years, they ventured all over the Aqua Realm.

They arrived at the central region of the Aqua Realm and stood before a mountain range.

Ahead of them were towering mountains hundreds of thousands of meters tall. The mountains were blanketed in white mist and seemed idyllic from a distance.

James and the others hovered in the sky outside of the mountain range.

James observed the mountains ahead of him. The shape and structure of the mountain range were very unique, as they were lined up to form a triangle.

It seemed somewhat like an altar or a mysterious formation.

James looked at the mountains ahead and said, “We’ve searched almost every corner of the Aqua Realm and haven’t found anything out of the ordinary. This is the only place left that we haven’t explored. If there’s nothing unusual here, then it means the planet might not have been sealed after all. The Heaven’s Adjudicator might not even have been sealed here in the past.”


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