The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3151

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3151-His body contained countless Curse Inscriptions, which contained Curse Power.

Curse Inscriptions continuously emerged from James’ body while he was in the Time Formation. The inscriptions revolved around him, and black energy surrounded his body.

James attempted to convert the Curse Inscriptions in his body into Curse Power.

If he could convert them into Curse Power, he could cultivate his second Ousia.

James named it the Curse Ousia.

After cultivating for a while, he converted some of the Curse Inscriptions into Curse Power. Unfortunately, he could not convert them all at once.

Despite that, he did not give up.

He knew that as his knowledge of the general outline of the Curse Inscriptions grew, he would eventually be able to completely convert all of them into Curse Power.

Time passed day by day.

James’ comprehension of the basics had grown deeper.

Meanwhile, Melinda was focused on breaching the formations.

A man stood atop a mountain in the distance.

He looked relatively young, seemingly in his twenties.

The man wore a black robe and was rather handsome.

He looked into the distance and looked at Melinda breaking the formation.

“Who is she?” The man frowned.

He had seen the formation before, but it was impossible for him to break it despite his high cultivation rank and attainments.

However, this woman was able to break so many layers of the formation.

“As for James…”

The man’s gaze fixated on James.

He knew James was the one that sabotaged his plans time and time again. However, he sensed that James’ strength was very low and that he was only in the Divine Rank.

He could easily kill a human cultivator at the Divine Rank with a snap of his fingers.

“Although he has a low cultivation rank, the Curse Power in his body is overwhelming. His strength could be comparable to a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor if he fully exerted the Curse Power in his body.

“What’s with that Jade Seal? Is that the treasure the chancellor mentioned that could absorb Curse Power?”

The black-robed man was none other than the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master.

In the past, he had never shown himself.

However, the Sanctuary of Darkness suffered massive casualties, which significantly affected their following plans. He had to rescue the members captured by the Elixir Pavilion to accomplish his goal.

Therefore, he personally involved himself and removed the Aqua Realm’s seawater.

He aimed to lure James and the others away and trap them in the Aqua Realm.

Then, the Sanctuary of Darkness could rescue its members.

The Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master did not dare to act recklessly. He stood atop the mountain and carefully watched James’ every move.

James’ party was completely unaware that they were being watched.

At that moment, James was immersed in his cultivation.

His understanding of the Curse Inscriptions’ framework was growing more profound, and he was able to convert more of the Curse Inscriptions into Curse Power.

Previously, he could not refine the Curse Power and could only condense them into Curse Inscriptions.

However, he gradually became more knowledgeable in Curse Magic and could slowly refine Curse Power.

A brand new power emerged in his body—Curse Power.

His Curse Power continued growing more potent and threatening at a rapid rate.

Black inscriptions surrounded his whole body. Curse Power was extracted from the inscriptions and entered his body through his pores. James gradually refined them into pure Curse Power.


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