The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3153

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3153-The crystal was diamond-shaped and pitch black.

The Curse Power in James’ body was completely stored within the crystal.

“I’ve succeeded!”

James took a deep breath.

After cultivating for a while, he finally succeeded in his Consolidation and formed an Ousia.

Now, he possessed two Ousias.

James stood up and drew back his energy. The mysterious inscription around him reabsorbed into his body and encircled his Ousia.

Although he had stopped cultivating, the Curse inscriptions continuously released Curse Power that strengthened Ousia.

James walked out of the Time Formation. As soon as he stepped out, the Time Formation disappeared instantly.

Seeing James had finished cultivating, Xainte walked over and asked. “Dad, have you cultivated your Ousia? What does it look like? Could you summon it for me to have a look?”

James smiled faintly. Summoning it with his mind, a black Curse Ousia appeared in front of him.

Countless mysterious black inscriptions emerged and revolved around the Curse Ousia, making it a bizarre sight.

Xainte stared at the Curse Ousia.

She could sense the powerful strength contained within the Curse Ousia.

Everyone else also looked at James’ Curse Ousia.

Even Silvester was intrigued and asked. “What kind of power does the Curse Ousia have?”

James explained with a smile. “The power of the Curse Ousia depends on one’s comprehension of Curse Inscriptions. Curse Inscriptions have all-encompassing power and can form any kind of Supernatural Power. Based on the Supernatural Power, it can also further unleash other kinds of powers.”

“Curse Magic can destroy but also give life. In short, it can be used as any kind of power and Path. It can also be fused with other Paths.”

While speaking, James summoned the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

He held the sword and performed Curse Magic. A strange power emerged from the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, and a black Sword Light materialized.

The black Sword Light charged forward, cleaving through the mountains in the distance.

The plants in the surrounding area immediately withered away.

Immediately afterward, a burst of Sword Energy burst forth from the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. It swept the surrounding area, and the withered plants were instantly revived.

Everyone watched James in awe.

James said with a faint smile. “This is a very simple destruction and revitalization technique using Curse Magic. Curse Magic is extremely complex, and I’ve merely comprehended the basics.”


Nico gave James a thumbs up.

Curse Magic was terrifying.

He could finally understand why so many powerhouses joined the Sanctuary of Darkness to obtain Curse Magic.

Once James perfected Curse Magic, who in the Boundless Realm could stand against him?

James put away his Curse Ousia and the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. He withdrew his energy, then looked at Melinda floating in the distance.

He asked. “How’s your progress?”

Silvester immediately replied, “There are thirty thousand layers to this formation. Each layer is stronger than the previous one. If it were me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to break even one layer.

“This woman, on the other hand, is very impressive. She has already broken twenty thousand layers. At this rate, the formation will be broken in just a couple hundred more years.”

The 30,000-layered formation was powerful and breaching it got progressively more difficult.

At the rate that Melinda broke the formation layers, Silvester gave a rough estimation of how long more it would take.

“A few hundred more years?” James murmured.

Since there were still a few hundred more years to go, James did not waste time and wanted to return to cultivating.

He was racing against time and had to become stronger as soon as possible before humanity faced the Fourth Calamity.


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