The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3155

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3155-He successfully formed the Fire Ousia, Water Ousia, Metal Ousia, Wood Ousia, and Earth Ousia.

James’ five Elemental Ousias formed almost simultaneously.

However, this was only the beginning of practicing the Elemental Inversion. These Ousias could be merged to form a whole new kind of power.

James put away the Five Elements of Genesis.

Then, he summoned the Elemental Ousias.

James activated the Elemental Inversion, and the Elemental Ousias spun around him, constantly producing Elemental Power.

Immediately afterward, the Elemental Ousias fused to form a vast Elemental Wheel comprised of the fusion of five different Elemental Powers.

As the Elemental Wheel formed, a brand new power was born.

The power was shockingly strong.

However, activating the Elemental Wheel consumed significant amounts of the Elemental Ousias’ power. Most of James’ Ousias’ power was consumed in just an instant.

James dispersed the Elemental Inversion and Elemental Wheel. The Elemental Ousias reformed and reabsorbed into James’ body.

The Five Elements of Genesis in his body produced more Elemental Power to fortify the Elemental Ousias.

James checked his body and murmured, “I’ve already formed my Elemental Ousias and can summon the Elemental Wheel on my own. However, the Elemental Wheel formed by my Ousia is inferior to the Five Elements of Genesis. My Ousia is still too weak.

“As long as I practice hard and enter the Emperor Rank, my Path Seal’s Power will match the strength of the Five Elements of Genesis.

“Besides, I can improve my Elemental Path Seal and integrate it with the Five Elements of Genesis. When that time comes, I’ll be invincible.”

James’ confidence grew.

The Five Elements of Genesis were a terrifying treasure.

Once he could merge the Five Elements of Genesis with his Elemental Path Seals, he would surely surpass the Five Ancestral Masters of the Primeval Age.

In the Primeval Age, the Five Ancestral Masters were unparalleled. They could even be considered to be on par with the Heavenly Path. James had the potential to surpass the Heavenly Path when he finally merges the Five Elements of Genesis with his Elemental Path Seal.

When that time comes, it would be much easier to destroy the Heavenly Path and create brand new rules.

After these thoughts ran through his mind, James withdrew his energy.

He stepped out of the Time Formation once more.

“Dad, have you successfully cultivated your Elemental Ousias?” Xainte looked at James.

James nodded. “Mhm.”

Xainte asked doubtfully, “You’ve cultivated the Curse Ousia, and now the Elemental Ousias. Then what exactly is your true cultivation rank? Why are you so weak now? But when you’re against powerhouses, you can suddenly unleash such terrifying strength?”

James smiled faintly but did not explain himself.

He changed the subject, asking, “What’s the progress on the formation?”

At that moment, Melinda, in the distant sky, had stopped. Her body flickered, and she appeared before James.

Melinda looked at James and said, “Congratulations. You’ve cultivated your Curse Ousia and the Elemental Ousias as well. You’ve already laid down the foundation to grow into an unbeatable powerhouse.”

James smiled faintly and replied, “How is your progress on the formation?”

Melinda’s expression turned gloomy as she said, “The formation laid by the Ancestral Water God isn’t easy to break. My cultivation rank is quite low, and breaking the final layers of the formation is strenuous. I’ve already exhausted too much of my Soul Power. I’ll need to rest for now.”

After speaking, Melinda sat in a lotus position on the ground and began to recover her Soul Power.

James looked at Melinda and asked. “There’s a Heaven’s Adjudicator sealed in the formation. Aren’t you worried that she’ll cause trouble after she’s freed? As far as I know, Heaven Adjudicators are invincible. So how will we stop her?”

Melinda looked at James and chose her words carefully.

After thinking about it, she said, “You’ll know what to do when the time comes.”


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