The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3157

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3157-James was stunned. He looked at Silvester who had been struck down by the formation’s power, and asked. “What’s wrong?”

Silvester replied solemnly, “After we entered this area, someone secretly set up a formation to trap us here.”

“Who is it?”

Silvester shook his head.

Melinda also scanned the area and saw the Formation Inscriptions around them.

James turned to Melinda and asked. “You were able to break a formation set up by an Ancestral God. How long would it take you to break this formation?”

Melinda observed the formation for a while and said, “Three days.”

James immediately said, “Please work on it immediately. We need to quickly break the formation.”


Melinda nodded and began to disassemble the formation.

Meanwhile, the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master quickly retreated after setting up the formation.

He fled a great distance away to hide himself. Then, he immediately used a Secret Art to notify Tamuuz, who was waiting outside the Elixir Realm.

“Begin the mission. However, you must act swiftly and rescue them within one day. Otherwise, you guys might also get captured if Silvester and the rest rush back to the Elixir Pavilion.”

Tamuuz had waited outside the Elixir Realm for many years.

All these years, he had not gone anywhere else and spent his time recuperating.

His Path Seal was shattered, and his strength had dropped drastically. However, Silvester and Helvius were not in the Elixir Pavilion. Even though he was not as strong as he was in the past, no one currently in the Elixir Pavilion could stand against him.

After receiving the order from the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master, he quickly instructed his subordinates, “Let’s go! Remember, our goal is to save our members, not to kill our enemies. Evacuate immediately after rescuing our men.”


His men neatly responded in unison behind him.

The sun was shining brightly, and the Elixir Pavilion was at peace.

Suddenly, a disciple of the Elixir Pavilion yelled in alarm, “W-What’s that?”

Several disciples also looked toward the distance and saw a group of black clouds in the sky quickly approaching them.

“I-It’s the Sanctuary of Darkness! They’re here again!”

“Hurry! Report this to the Pavilion Master!”

The disciples began to panic.

The Great Elder was also troubled. He immediately activated the formation around their mountain and used their Secret Art to notify Silvester, who was far away in the Aqua Realm.

Silvester was watching Melinda break the formation. Suddenly, he heard the Great Elder’s worried message in his mind. “Old Master, there’s been an incident! The Sanctuary of Darkness has struck again and appeared in the Elixir Realm!”

Hearing the report, Silvester’s expression darkened. He cursed furiously. “Damn it!”

James turned to him and asked. “What’s wrong?”

Silvester explained in a grave tone, “The Sanctuary of Darkness has sent powerhouses to the Elixir Realm again.”

Silvester wanted to open a spatial passage back to the Elixir Realm, but the formation had sealed the space. This prevented Silvester and the others from leaving the space.

He immediately sent a message to the Great Elder, saying, “Hold on as long as you can. I’ll need three days at most to return!”

After sending back a message, Silvester shouted to Melinda, “Please hurry up, Ms. Melinda. The Sanctuary of Darkness has reappeared at the Elixir Pavilion.”

Thea looked at James and said, “I’m sure this was probably the Sanctuary of Darkness’ original objective. They lured all of the Elixir Pavilion’s powerhouses away to this place to attack again.”

James nodded solemnly and said, “Yeah. I hope we can make it back in time.”

James looked at Melinda.

All their hopes hinged on Melinda. If she could not break through the formation quickly, then the Elixir Pavilion would be doomed.


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