The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3162

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3162-The Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master, Tadhg, did not leave.

He pleaded for the Heaven’s Adjudicator’s assistance outside the black palace.

However, his pleas were answered with silence.

Meanwhile, James and the others had returned to the Paragon Sect.

Many powerhouses gathered within the Paragon Sect.

The Martial Reverend was seated in the highest seat. Although seated above everyone else, he did not dare to disrespect the people in the hall. He looked at Silvester and Helvius sitting below him respectfully and conducted himself carefully.

Silvester looked at James and asked. “Mr. Caden, what should we do next?”

James thought awhile and said, “The Sanctuary of Darkness set up a trap for us to rescue their members. I expect they are going to make another move very soon. However, I’m not so sure what they’re planning.”

Initially, James planned to travel and hone his skills after briefly staying in the Paragon Sect.

While training, he also wanted to find the remaining materials needed to resurrect Emperor Jabari.

James was not too worried that he had not found the Ancestral God Rank Elixir yet.

Emperor Jabari was proficient in the Extrapolation Path.

As long as they could resurrect Emperor Jabari, he could help them locate the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

James replied, “I plan to leave in search of some materials. There’s nothing much I can do about the Sanctuary of Darkness at the moment, so I’ll leave this matter to you guys.”

Silvester nodded lightly and said, “We can only proceed step by step.”

Click, clack, click.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

Immediately afterward, a beautiful woman entered the hall.

No one sensed her approaching and only noticed her when she walked into the hall.

Everyone stood up and stared at Melinda.

Melinda’s lips formed beautiful smile and said, “Hello again.”

James looked at her and asked. “What brings you here?”

Melinda walked into the hall and found an empty seat. After making herself comfortable, her smile was replaced with a more serious expression.

“Whatever happens in the Boundless Realm will directly affect humanity’s survival during the Fourth Calamity. The Sanctuary of Darkness exists to prevent humans from finding the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.”

James looked at Melinda suspiciously.

He had never told Melinda these things, so how did she know about it?

Melinda continued to speak, “If I’m not mistaken, the Sanctuary of Darkness is preparing something major. They’lll attempt to conquer the worlds within the Boundless Realm as as fast as they can.

“We must build a safe haven.”

James cocked his brow. “What are you suggesting?”

Melinda replied, “We must establish a new organization and win over the powerhouses throughout the Boundless Realm. We must form a powerful force before the Sanctuary of Darkness enacts their plan so that we can stand against them.

“Otherwise, they’ll make short work of us.”

James was now curious about Melinda’s identity. How was it that she knew everything?

Although Melinda’s identity was still a mystery, her words were very reasonable.

After a brief thought, James said, “You guys can proceed to handle these matters. I have other business to settle right now.”

Melinda nodded lightly and began to explain her plan.

She wanted to use the Elixir Realm as their base, and establish a brand new sect. At the same time, they would deploy a powerful formation around the Elixir Realm to resist the Sanctuary of Darkness’ forces in the future.”

Despite the plan sounding relatively simple, it would be hard to implement.

To achieve it, they needed Silvester and Helvius to take the lead. Their involvement was crucial since they were very reputable in the Boundless Realm. If they called for help, they could recruit many powerhouses.


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