The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3164

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3164-Somewhere in the Boundless Realm’s outer space, a void suddenly appeared and broke the area’s silence.

Two figures walked out of the tear and into the starry space.

It was none other than James and Nico.

As soon as the two appeared, they observed their surroundings.

In the darkness, they spotted a desolate planet.

It had a vast area. From a distance, it looked forboding as a black mist shrouded it.

James and Nico approached and soon arrived in its vicinity.

James looked at the black mist around the planet with a frown. He murmured, “The energy here is somewhat similar to Curse Power. However, it seems slightly more sinister than Curse Power.”

After speaking, he turned to Nico and asked. “Why is the Azure Realm shrouded by this black mist?”

Nico shook his head and said, “I’ve no idea. The Azure Realm has existed for a long time. It’s impossible to remember what happened during the Primeval Age. However, according to rumors, the living beings on Azure Realm disappeared sometime after the Primeval Age. Ever since the incident, this place has been shrouded by black mist.”

James said pensively, “That’s strange. We’ll have to tread carefully.”

“Yeah.” Nico nodded.

Suddenly, a voice came from the Celestial Abode.

“Careful, James. Something about this planet is off.”

Hearing the voice, James lit up in joy and immediately responded. “You’re awake, Emperor Jabari?”

Emperor Jabari replied, “I was slumbering, but I sensed the unusual energy. This energy is familiar to me.”

“Is that so?”

Surprised, James asked. “What kind of energy is it? Where did you encounter it previously?”

Emperor Jabari fell into thought. After a while, he replied, “When wandering through a deserted area in the universe, I accidentally entered an unknown ruin. I proceeded through a passage in this ruin but got lost. It took me three thousand Epochs to finally leave the place.

“The energy here feels very similar to what I felt in that passage.

“Although I called it a passage, it felt more like an unknown world. There was no light in that world, and it was completely shrouded in darkness. Moreover, powerful, evil spirits lurked in the dark. They were very powerful. All of the evil spirits I encountered were at the Emperor Rank.

“After leaving the place, I ventured to many other ruins. Eventually, I found some information about the place.”

James listened carefully.

Emperor Jabari continued. “Our universe is split into two dimensions—light and dark.

“Our universe is called the Illuminated World.

“Meanwhile, the dark dimension is called the Dark World.

“I learned that souls of living beings would enter the Dark World after their death. In the Dark World, these souls can continue living on in the form of evil spirits.”

“The Dark World?”

James was startled by what he heard.

Emperor Jabari nodded and said, “Yeah, the unknown world I stumbled upon was the Dark World. The Dark World was extremely sinister and foreboding. Even I, myself have very little knowledge of the place.”

“The Dark World is enormous and is as big as our universe.

“I only strayed into the outer bounds of the Dark World, yet I still got lost. If I were to have traveled deeper into the Dark World, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have made it out alive. The evil force within the dark world is capable of eating away the body of a living being. Eventually, it’d eat up one’s body, leaving only their soul.

“If the force completely erodes your body, your soul can only live on in the Dark World as an evil spirit, and you can never return to the Illuminated World.”

“Huff.” James took a deep breath.

He guessed that the disappearance of the living beings in the Azure Realm was related to the Dark World.


Suddenly, James heard Nico’s voice.

“What are you thinking about?”

James returned to his senses and said, “I-It’s nothing. By the way, Nico. Have you ever heard of the Dark World before this?”


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