The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3167

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3167-James sat in a lotus position on a mountain range within the Azure Realm and was immersed in his cultivation.

There was a lack of vegetation around the mountain range, and the only thing that could be seen were a number of black boulders.

Nico stood to the side and watched James protectively.

James had already cultivated his Sword Path Ousia, Curse Ousia, and the five Elemental Ousias. In total, he had seven Ousias.

At that moment, he was trying to cultivate the Yin and Yang Ousias.

He had learned Heavenly Transformation and also knew Thea’s Demonic Transformation.

Additionally, he had already cultivated Heavenly Power and Demonic Power.

Both powers reached the peak of the Sage Rank’s Thirty-Third Stage.

James sat within a Time Formation and concentrated on grasping the Paths. Gradually, his understanding of the two Paths grew deeper.

At that moment, he had reached the Consolidation stage.

Heavenly Power and Demonic Power in surged throughout his body.

Heavenly Power gathered in the upper half of his body, while Demonic Power gathered in the lower half.

The Heavenly Power grew increasingly concentrated and formed the shards of the Law of Heaven, which slowly gathered into a round, scorching sun.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Power also transformed into the shards of the Law of Heaven. The shards then gathered together to form a bright moon.

“It’s a success.”

James stood up.

As he stood up, his eyes transformed dramatically. A scorching sun took the place of one of his irises, and a bright moon shone from the other.

Immediately, his eyes illuminated the dark world.

“A fusion of heaven and earth, as well as Yin and Yang.”

James twirled his hand, and the scorching sun and bright moon merged to form a new force.

The force was overpowering and caused the surrounding space to tremble and distort. A few cracks formed in space.

“It’s powerful.”

James took a deep breath.

Immediately afterward, he dismissed the scorching sun and bright moon.

James withdrew his energy and walked out of the Time Formation.

Nico had been protecting him throughout this period.

Seeing James leave the Time Formation, Nico smiled and said, “Congratulations, James. You’ve developed another two Ousias. In total, you have nine currently and have reached the limit allowed by the Heavenly Path.”


James sighed and said, “I finally cultivated nine Ousias. With the amount I possess, getting through the next Consolidation will be difficult.”

Nico comforted him. “Don’t worry. Take your time. Your comprehension of Paths is exceptional. I’m sure the subsequent Consolidation will be easily overcome.”

Nico had great confidence in James.

Other cultivators would have to overcome countless obstacles to cultivate a second Ousia. However, James easily formed nine Ousias without problems.

Once James became a Grand Emperor, he would have Nine Path Seals, and the universe would surely tremble before his might.

Nico was looking forward to that day.

James suddenly asked, “By the way, has no one been able to cultivate ten Ousias in the past?”

Nico was startled by his question but quickly caught himself and said brightly, “It’s not easy. Ordinary cultivators can only cultivate one Ousia. A couple of prodigies managed to form two Ousias. The amount of people that can form three are only about a handful.

“It will get progressively more difficult.

“Although the Heavenly Path permits living beings to cultivate nine Ousias maximum, no one prior has ever been able to develop a fourth Ousia, let alone nine.”

James murmured pensively, “I’m going to try anyway.”

He was determined to learn a new Path and form another new Ousia. James wanted to surpass the universe’s limits and achieve the unachievable.


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