The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3169

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3169-James said solemnly, “We might’ve gotten lost. Emperor Jabari mentioned it’s easy to lose your way in the Dark World. It’s impossible to accurately perceive time and get a hold of your surroindings in the Dark World.”

Nico asked. “Then what should we do now? Should we turn back or keep going forward?

James fell into deep thought. Even a powerhouse like Emperor Jabari got lost in the Dark World and only left after spending thousands of Epochs there.

If the two of them were to lose their way in the Dark World, they might never be able to make it out.

“Let’s turn back,” said James.

He still had other important things to do and did not want to get trapped in the Dark World for too long. If he were to get lost, humans would go extinct by the time he found the exit.

“Alright.” Nico nodded.

The two turned back and tried to go back the way they came. However, they were still surrounded by dark mist even after walking for a long time.

“There’s something wrong, James. We’ve been traveling for so long. I feel like we didn’t walk far when we entered the black mist, yet why haven’t we walked out of it by now?”

James stopped and began to perceive their surroundings.

He detected a few open fields around them that were full of potholes. Black mist continuously poured out of the ground.

However, his perception was limited, and he could only sense things within a small range.

James said solemnly, “We’ve most likely lost our way in here.”

“Then what should we do?” asked Nico.

Since things have come to this, James had no choice but to seek Emperor Jabari’s help.

“Emperor Jabari, I think we entered the Dark World and lost our way.”

Emperor Jabari replied shortly after, “Then there’s nothing you can do. The Dark World is a bizarre place. Even the Heavenly Path has no control over this palace.

“Moreover, the Paths of the Illuminated World are practically useless in the Dark World. This place has its own Paths.

“I stayed in the Dark World for about three thousand Epochs but I barely understood their Paths, nor did I understand their Dark Heavenly Path.

“The Dark Heavenly Path is basically the same as the Illuminated World’s Heavenly Path, and it controls the Dark World.

“I think I can resurrect myself in the Dark World. The Heavenly Path of the Illuminated World can’t interfere with the affairs here.

“After I revive, I can leave them Dark World. As long as I don’t meddle too much in the Illuminated World’s affairs, the Heavenly Path will most likely turn a blind eye to me.”

James fell into thought and asked. “So it’s going to be almost impossible for me to leave this place?”

Emperor Jabari replied, “Yeah. Since you’ve already stumbled into the Dark World, you might as well take advantage of the situation. The Dark World is also full of resources. You can also look for materials to resurrect me in the Dark World. As long as I’m resurrected, I should be able to lead you out of the Dark World with my understanding of the place.”


At this point, James had no other choice.

He turned to Nico and said, “We’re already lost in the Dark World. For now, we’ll have to forget about leaving. Instead, let’s search the place and look for materials to resurrect Emperor Jabari. He’s our only hope to leave this place.”

Nico nodded and said, “Alright.”

Although the Dark World was full of unknown dangers, James and Nico had nothing to worry about.

After discussing briefly, the two continued to wander the Dark World.

Meanwhile, Emperor Jabari was performing a simple divining technique on the area to locate materials around them that could be used to reform his body.

Although he could not determine the exact location, he could still get a rough estimation of where they could be in the Dark World.


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