The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3172

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3172-The dark surroundings were illuminated and looked no different from the outside world.

A palace appeared in their sight.

White light spots continuously emerged from the palace.

The lights from the palace lit up the surroundings.

The light spread out and devoured the darkness, brightening up the place.

However, the light did not spread far and only remained within a few kilometers’ range.

Beyond the few-kilometer range, the world was still shrouded in darkness.

James and Nico advanced toward the black palace.

Soon, they arrived at the palace gate.

James said thoughtfully, “This must be the palace we saw just now.”

Nico nodded. “Most likely.”

James looked at the palace. The palace gate was more than thirty meters high. There were some bizarre characters engraved on it. Additionally, the palace was also surrounded by black energy.

However, white lights constantly emerged out of the black energy.

“Do you recognize the words, Nico?” asked James.

Nico looked at them for a while, then shook his head, saying, “They’re too deep. I don’t recognize them.”

James turned to ask Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode.

“Emperor Jabari, do you recognize the words on the palace gate?”

Emperor Jabari observed the black palace from inside the Celestial Abode. After studying the words, he said, “It’s probably Ancestral Script.”

James was immediately intrigued upon hearing it was Ancestral Script.

Ancestral Script was the text passed around between Ancestral Gods.

Since Ancestral Script was used, the black palace must have been related to Ancestral Gods.

Emperor Jabari continued, “James, I can sense that the material I need is in this black palace.”

“I’ll see if I can open the gate.”

James walked closer to the black palace and touched the gate. Then, he exerted a little bit of force.


With a little force, the palace gate was pushed open.

As soon as the palace gate opened, the white light spots poured out from the black palace to form a white circle of light.

James squinted his eyes as the light was blinding.

After a while, he finally got used to the dazzling light.

James strode into the black palace.

After entering through the palace gate, he arrived at a large hall. The hall was several meters high and surrounded by a few white pillars with unique characters engraved on them.

Nico also followed after him and scanned the surroundings.

The hall was empty, and there was not even a door.

“There’s nothing.” Nico glanced at James.

James replied, “Let’s look around.”

The two began to search the hall.

James walked over to the wall and began scanning it.

The white walls had mysterious characters carved on them.

After observing them for a while, he could not understand them.

Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode also inspected the hall. The characters engraved on the walls were Ancestral Scripts. It was impossible for him to decipher them in such a short time.

After walking around, James went to the center of the hall.

James and Nico sat down, leaning their backs against each other’s in the hall’s center.

James asked, “What kind of place is this? Why did a palace suddenly appear in the Dark World?”


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