The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3178

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3178-James knew he had spent a long time merging his soul into his physical body.

He felt tormented by the pain during the process, but now he was completely fine.

After James refined some Dark Power in his body, he was ecstatic.

Although the power was still weak and could not even form a palm attack, it was a good start for him to successfully refine Dark Power.

Dark Power was abundant in the Dark World, and he could absorb as much as needed. As a result, his cultivation speed was very fast.

After cultivating a bit of power, James temporarily halted his cultivation.

Now that he had completed the first step, the rest was just a matter of time. His main concern at the moment was Emperor Jabari.

He asked Emperor Jabari inside the Celestial Abode, “How long more would it take for you to begin reforming your physical body?”

Emperor Jabari replied, “You don’t need to worry about me for now, James. After I recover my Soul Power, I’ll use the materials to reform my body. I’ll let you know when the time comes.”


With Emperor Jabari’s reassurance, James did ask any more questions.

He concentrated on his cultivation, absorbing the Dark Power from the mist.

James’ Dark Power increased continuously as time passed.

Two figures sat cross-legged on the ground in the darkness.

The area was dead silent.

Time seemed non-existence in the Dark World.

The two figures sat in lotus positions for a while, but it felt like an eternity had passed.

It was none other than James and Nico.

James’ aura kept growing stronger.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

As soon as he woke up, he felt a piercing pain throughout his body and could not help screeching in pain.

Beside him, Nico immediately reacted and asked, “What’s wrong, James?”

James stretched out his hand and touched his chest with a pained look.

He already had significant Dark Power in his body, and it had reached the peak of the Sage Rank’s Thirty-Third Stage. With one more improvement, the power would reach the Divine Rank.

However, the Dark Power had affected his body.

The Dark Power permeated his body, and an excruciating pain spread all over his body. Not only did his physical body suffer from the pain, but even his soul was affected.

In just a short period, James was bathed in sweat. His face distorted while trying to endure the pain.

Dark Power was destructive, and his body showed signs of disintegrating. Even his soul which was fused with his physical body seemed to be on the verge of destruction.

James immediately activated the Dark Scripture’s cultivation method and restrained the Dark Power in his body.

The pain dissipated as soon as he began restraining the Dark Power.

James sat on the ground and finally caught his breath after a while.

“I’ve unknowingly cultivated the Dark Power in my body to the peak of the Sage Rank’s Thirty-Third Stage. I’m very close to forming a Dark Ousia.

“However, the Dark Scripture only records the technique of absorbing Dark Power. It has nothing recorded that teaches me how to form a Dark Ousia.

“The Dark World is different from the Illuminated World. Using techniques from the Illuminated World to form an Ousia will not work. Moreover, the Dark Power seems to be affecting my body and soul after cultivating it to the Sage Rank’s Thirty-Third Stage.”

James murmured, “Is it impossible to cultivate a Dark Ousia?”


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