The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3189

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3189-A disciple quickly left to report the situation.

Meanwhile, the remaining disciples kept retreating in fear.

James and the others did not rush it either and waited patiently.

Soon, footsteps resounded, and a group of people appeared. A middle-aged man was in the lead. He looked about forty years old and wore a golden robe.

The middle-aged man was the Heavenly Flame Sect’s Leader, a powerhouse at the Divine Rank.

As soon as he appeared, he sensed a terrifying aura from James’ party.

He immediately knew the three of them were powerful cultivators and did not dare to disrespect them.

“Pleasure to meet you, my guests.”

The Heavenly Flame Sect’s Leader walked over and said respectfully, “What brings the three of you to our sect today?”

James looked at the approaching Heavenly Flame Sect’s Leader. Then, he pointed toward the tower ahead of them and said, “What’s in the tower?”

The Sect Leader was taken aback by his question but quickly recomposed and replied, “There’s nothing in there, Sir.”

James questioned, “Is there really nothing?”


The Sect Leader hesitated to reply.

At that moment, Thea exerted her energy.

She was a Second Heaven Grand Emperor, and even a little of her energy was terrifying. Those of the Heavenly Flame Sect were incapable of withstanding Thea’s energy.

Even the Sect Leader’s expression changed, and his breathing pace increased. Terrified, he quickly said, “I’ll talk! I’ll tell you everything.”

Thea restrained her energy.

Beads of sweat appeared on the Heavenly Flame Sect Leader’s forehead.

He wiped his sweat and said, “To be honest, I have no idea what’s within the tower.”

“You don’t know?” James frowned.

The Heavenly Flame Sect Leader quickly explained, “Yeah. According to our sect’s ancient book, a golden light suddenly landed in our sect. Since then, the tower’s highest floor has become a forbidden area.

“For countless years, many of our sect’s powerhouses have tried every single means to enter the ninth floor, but none succeeded. No one was strong enough to break into the highest floor.”

After speaking, he looked at James’ party.

Then, he asked, “Do you know what’s inside the tower, Sir?”

Their sect’s tower used to be very ordinary, but it became extraordinary after the descent of the golden light.

Since ancient times, countless powerhouses of the Heavenly Flame Sect had tried to find out what was on the highest floor.

However, they still had not figured it out after so many years. The Sect Leader was also curious to learn what was hidden in the tower.

James asked, “Is it okay for me to take a look inside the tower?”

The Sect Leader did not dare to refuse James’ request. He hurriedly replied, “Sure.”

James strode toward the tower and pushed open the door without hesitation.

Then, he ascended directly to the eighth floor. Just as he was about to climb to the ninth floor, he felt a powerful force blocking him from advancing.

He attempted to walk through the force but was knocked away.

The Sect Leader followed him up the tower. Seeing James being blasted away, he hurriedly said, “There’s a powerful barrier here. Since ancient times, no one from our sect has been able to pass through it.”

Nico walked over and attempted to walk through the barrier.

However, it did not work for him either.

Thea said, “Do we need to use the Time Capsule?”

James nodded. “That’s most likely the case.”

Afterward, the two summoned Crucifier and Exalter.

The two weapons fused to form the Time Capsule. A powerful force emerged from the Time Capsule, and the barrier gradually disappeared.

James immediately headed up to the ninth floor.

Nico and Thea followed closely behind him.

After being stunned momentarily, the Heavenly Flame Sect’s Leader quickly caught up with them. For ages, he had been curious to find the answer to their sect’s unsolved mystery.


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