The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3193

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3193-Emperor Jabari waved at James, then continued his closed-door meditation.

James left the Celestial Abode and appeared in the outer realm.

“Honey, how was it?” Thea inquired.

James replied, “We found out that the area is called the Boundless Sea.”

Nico Eastwood immediately said, “I’ve heard of the Boundless Sea. It’s a galaxy made not out of planets, but water. The area of this galaxy is colossal.”

He looked at James and continued to say, “Have you found out where exactly the monster is?”

James shook his head and said, “The Emperor couldn’t predict that, because the monster shown is a powerful figure who has attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven. If we want to find out, we’ve no other choice than to go to the Boundless Sea to see for ourselves. Plus…”

He paused for a moment and continued, “The Emperor said that he could feel an uncanny aura. This time, it won’t be easy to retrieve the Elixir from the Boundless Sea. There may be an intense battle waiting for us.”

Thea was stupefied and asked, “But why?”

James shook his head. He had no idea himself. However, apart from him, there could only be another force who wanted the Elixir—the Sanctuary of Darkness. Perhaps the Sanctuary was already on the move, knowing where the Elixir was located.

“The Sanctuary of Darkness, possibly,” James said. “If my guess is correct, the Sanctuary has already discovered the location of the Elixir and is on its way to the Boundless Sea.”

Thea looked concerned as she said, “If that’s true, we must hurry.”

“Let’s go.”

Nico did not hesitate. With a wave of his hand, a powerful force emanated from his palm, slashing the void apart. A crack appeared, into which the three of them disappeared.

The Boundless Sea was a mystical place. It was the habitat of the Seafolk, and very few humans had entered this place.

At that moment, a crack appeared outside the Boundless Sea, followed by the appearance of three shadows, who were James, Thea, and Nico. The three of them stared forward.

In front of them was a vast and infinite body of floating water. Waves as high as a thousand meters swept toward them but quickly disappeared once they touched the borders.

Nico stared at the waters and said, “There, the Boundless Sea. The territory of the Seafolk. Barely any humans come here, and the beings of the Seafolk rarely go to the Boundless Realm.”

James asked, “How big is the Boundless Sea?”

Nico gave this question a thought and answered, “Maybe as big as the eight huge galaxies of the Holy Realm altogether.”

Taking a deep breath, James sighed. “It’s gonna be tough finding the Elixir in a place as huge as this.”

Thea responded encouragingly, “Well, it’s worth a try.”

“Let’s move, then,” James urged as he led the team forward. With one step, his body disappeared from outer space into the Sea. Nico and Thea followed suit. Since they had no idea where the monster was, the only option they had was to step into the Sea and search for themselves.

James’ plan was to first inquire about the monster from the Seafolk. They made their way forward, not aware that shortly after they entered the Sea, Tadhg, accompanied by Tamuuz and his fellow powerful figures, had also reached their destination.


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