The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3194

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3194-The outer area of the Boundless Sea was constituted entirely of waters.

James, Thea, and Nico advanced into the Sea for around three days before they finally saw an island. The island’s area was so huge it was as big as a metropolis in the outer world.

They appeared above the island. Beneath them were crustaceans and fish that came from the waters. They evolved into the shape of humans, appearing on the coast and subsequently entering the city.

Three of them descended and landed in front of the city gates on the coast. They followed the shoals of Seafolk in entering the city.

Nico said, “If we want to look into the background of this humongous whale, we should approach the owner of the island.”

“Right,” James agreed.

The three of them arrived at the city center, where there was a bureau. Its gates were engraved with some vibrant ancient writings.

James raised his head and took a look at the words. He understood them immediately.

“Garland Residence.”

He walked into the compound. Once he got near, some soldiers charged toward him immediately. These soldiers were in the form of humans but retained some definitive characteristics of the Seafolk. Their ranks were also rather low, averaging at the Sage Rank.

“Humans, this is the Garland Residence, the residence of Chancellor Garland. Authorized entry only,” they roared.

James took a glance at these soldiers and coldly said, “Tell the so-called Chancellor Garland to come out. I have things to ask him.”

“Who the…” Before one of the leaders could finish their sentence, a powerful aura materialized in Thea’s body. Under the suppression of the aura, all the soldiers felt queasy and involuntarily collapsed to the ground.

“Send the message immediately,” Thea said without emotion.


Only then did Thea retract the aura, allowing each of the soldiers to crawl back up from the ground. Without further delay, one of their leaders ran into the residence.

James and his companions waited patiently outside the gates until they saw an elder scurrying toward the entrance. The elder was wearing a black robe and carried a turtle shell on his back. He looked very old and had two long beards. As he entered the sights of James, Thea, and Nico, he enquired immediately, “My dear superiors, what an honor to have you as my guests. Is something the matter?”

James took out the drawing and handed it to the elder. “Have you seen this?”

After taking the drawing from James’ hands, he looked carefully at the drawing. His distress upon realizing the subject of the drawing was unconcealable. His hands were shaking so much that the drawing nearly fell to the ground.

“I-Isn’t this Gr-Grand Emperor Moacir Bartholomew?” He quivered, obviously knowing who the monster was in the painting.

James immediately asked, “Who exactly is this Grand Emperor? Where does he reside?”

Chancellor Garland took a quick glance at James and said with reluctance, “My dear superiors, I am wary of exposing the whereabouts of the Grand Emperor.”

Without waiting for James to speak, Thea appeared in front of the Chancellor in the blink of an eye. Her hands were wrapped around his throat as she lifted him off the ground.

“I’ll give you one more chance. Are you telling us or not?” Thea asked without a single hint of emotion on her face.

The Chancellor whose throat was being strangled was trying his best to resist, but his low rank made him a complete fool in the hands of Thea, who had attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven.

“Thea, put him down. Don’t be rash,” James told her immediately.

Thea took heed of James’ orders and playfully stuck out her tongue. She smiled mischievously and said, “I was just worried about the Ancestral God Rank Elixir. It’s nothing much.”

Turning toward the Chancellor, James instructed, “Tell us what you know.”

The Chancellor looked at the entire group, fully knowing that they were people who had to be taken seriously. He took a few seconds to think and then ushered the entire group into his residence. “Let’s speak inside.”


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