The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3197

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3197-“The Heavenly Path manages all rules and order. Without the constraint of the Path, the entire world will be in chaos. In the Primeval Age, the Ancestral Gods of the Human Race wanted to destroy the Path because of personal interest, causing the entire destruction of the Age as well. Humans have sinned.”

Hearing this, James merely continued watching the battle. The middle-aged man in a gray robe was losing due to the simultaneous attack by many powerful figures of the Sanctuary of Darkness. The man should be Moacir, he guessed.

Even though Moacir was losing, that did not mean that the Sanctuary would have an easy time defeating or killing him.

James was disinterested in whatever Tadhg was saying. At this point in time, the urge to kill James surfaced in Tadhg’s heart. He clenched his fists, wanting to attack James. However, the ring on James’ finger suddenly lit up, followed by a flash of white light, from which a handsome man wearing a white robe appeared.

The man stood in front of James. Tadhg sensed that this man was rather powerful, so he carefully took a few steps back, eyeing him cautiously.

Emperor Jabari’s appearance helped James recover from the anxiety, as his power was so great that even the Master of the Sanctuary might not be his opponent. Looking at Tadhg, he could sense that Tadhg had attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Eighth Heaven, just a step away from the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank. This person was a difficult opponent. Even if one yearned to defeat him, some effort would be needed.

The Emperor was not afraid even though he knew Tadhg was powerful. “I must obtain the Elixir,” he spoke determinedly.

“Then, we’ll have to see whether you deserve it.” Tadhg’s expression turned gloomy as well. A powerful force erupted from his body. Once this force surfaced, the heavens shattered, causing the waters beneath it to boil, stirring up waves as tall as a thousand meters.

Thea, James, and Nico quickly took a few steps back and evacuated from the area.

At that moment, both the Emperor and Tadhg moved.

Thump! Two powerful forces fused, causing a strong ripple-like effect that spread across the Boundless Sea. Within the area, numerous Seafolk were facing terrible calamities.

“How strong,” James could not help but sigh. If it were not because of Nico shielding him from the battle’s fluctuations, his physical strength would have buckled under the remnant fluctuations of the battle between Tadhg and Emperor Jabari.

The fight ensued when Thea said, “If we want to acquire the Elixir now, we must defeat the powerful figures of the Sanctuary.”

Nico gave her words some thought and said, “While Emperor Jabari is distracting the most powerful figure of the Sanctuary, let’s go help Moacir.”

Thea felt awkward and said, “I’ve merely reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven. I don’t think I would be of any help in this battle.”

At that moment, the Spirit Tool in the Celestial Abode summoned its entire body’s energy into James’ body. His physical strength was once again stimulated. The power hidden within his body recovered, allowing him to become stronger. The Spirit Tool, having attained the Grand Emperor Rank, caused his power to ascend to the level of a Grand Emperor as well.

“Let’s go, Nico.” James was confident now that his physical strength was completely stimulated and his power was comparable to that of a Grand Emperor.


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