The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3199

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3199-James casually waved his hand, and powerful Sword Energy materialized and slashed this shapeless power.


James’ expression was devoid of emotion. Holding the Divine Sword in hand, he pierced the elderly man. Though his move seemed ordinary, it actually contained countless sophisticated moves that were merged into one. Space seemed to be sealed, and time appeared to have been frozen.

The elderly man froze.

In the meantime, James’ sword was already right before him.

He reacted in time and raised his hand to block the attack. As he raised his hand, countless mysterious Inscription Sigils emerged in his palm, gathering to form a bizarre pattern. Mysterious power appeared from within the pattern, and James’ sword pierced through the pattern.


The First Sword Realm with the boost of the Divine Sword was terrifying. James’ sword had surpassed even his own strength, and an unbelievable power burst forth. The mysterious sigils formed were instantly shattered, and the sword pierced through the elderly man’s body.


The elderly man was enraged.

Instinctively, he raised his palm and struck. At that moment, countless inscriptions gathered, each containing devastating power. Then, the power struck James. Since he attacked from such a short distance, James did not have time to react, and his chest received a direct hit.

The elderly man was a Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor. Now that he had summoned his full strength, even James, whose physical strength was equivalent to a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor, suffered some damage. Cracks appeared on the surface of his skin, the Blood Energy inside his body churned, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

However, that was everything he had. After retaliating, the elderly man hurriedly escaped.

“Think you can leave?”

James said coldly.

Instantly, he summoned the Infinity Steles, and 108 of them materialized. One of them charged straight toward the elderly man, exuding a mysterious power that froze time and space.

The elderly man’s movements turned sluggish. At that moment, the Infinity Steles crashed into him. Plummeting from the sky, the elderly man crashed into the waves below and caused a great wave.

James scanned his surroundings. Then, he summoned the Infinity Steles and willed them to attack the Fourth Heaven Grand Emperors attacking Moacir.

Knowing how terrifying the Infinity Steles were, they hurriedly dodged.


Tamuuz, who was in the midst of fighting Moacir, cursed, “Why the hell is he here?”

As he had been concentrating wholeheartedly on the battle, he had no idea when James appeared.

He tried requesting the Leader for help. However, when he collected himself, he realized that the Leader was engaged in a fierce battle against a handsome man in white. What was shocking was that the Leader was gradually losing ground and had suffered a few injuries.


Tamuuz was stunned.

He knew just how powerful the Leader was, who was at the peak of the Eighth Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank. He was merely a step away from becoming a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor. Since the man in white was able to overwhelm the Leader, just how powerful was he?


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