The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Several people were waiting outside The Gourmand.

They were all queueing up to enter the restaurant. Before this, they were discussing the Blithe King. After they heard what James said, the crowd erupted in titters.

“The Diamond Room? Looks like the Callahans’ son-in-law is good at something after all-boasting.”

“He’s a nobody! He can’t even afford a car. Remember how he used to pick Thea up from work with an electric motorcycle? If he can’t even afford a car, how can he afford the Diamond Room?”

“Rumor has it that it’s not enough to be rich to use the Diamond room. The Gourmand’s owner hails from an important family in the Capital. He’s from a true upper-class family. Hardly anybody in Cansington could secure a reservation for the Diamond Room.”

“Not even The Great Four could get access to the Diamond Room.”

James’ words were a joke to them.

Their jeers angered Gladys once more and she rounded on him. “You idiot! Haven’t you done enough?”

“Hush, Jamie.” Thea put her hand on James. As someone who was born and bred in Cansington, she was familiar with the origins of The Gourmand and the significance of the Diamond Room. “Chad, where’s your silver member card? Show it to these poor folks here. Allow them a glimpse of the silver member card.” Felicia stuck her nose up in the air and looked at Gladys disdainfully. Gladys went pale.

Felicia was ecstatic noticing how uncomfortable Gladys was.

Chad whipped out a pure white card. Shiny and exquisite, it featured a silver VIP stamp.

“Wow, so this is a silver member card! I’ve never even seen it before!”

“The Wilsons live up to their reputation. Apparently, you have to spend a million dollars at The Gourmand to be upgraded to a silver member card. Spending ten million and above entitles you to a gold member card. As for the diamond member card, it’s priceless. Only those hand-picked by The Gourmand’s owner will receive a diamond member card from him personally.”

“As if it wasn’t enough to be handsome and dashing, Chad Wilson is rich and young too! Whoever marries him is lucky indeed!” Hearing all the praise, Felicia was smugger than ever. Gladys, on the other hand, grew even unhappier.

The whole matter was almost forgotten, but James had embarrassed her yet again with his stupid question. “Let’s just go, you idiots.”

Under admiring gazes, Felicia looped her arm through her husband’s and entered

The Gourmand.

As she left, she threw out another cutting remark. “Ten percent of Eternality? All of Cansington knows that Benjamin Callahan is useless. The set is complete with a useless husband, an ugly daughter, and a useless son-in-law. Haha, this is hilarious.”

All the Callahans paled. Gladys in particular looked the worst. Reputation and image were everything to her. Thea looked at her mother’s stony face and hid behind James. Just then, they heard a set of hurried footsteps approaching. A tall, handsome man looking to be in his twenties wearing a white shirt made his way toward them. “Oh my God, it’s The Gourmand’s owner Bryan Grayson!” “He’s so low-profile yet commanding.” “I’ve heard that Bryan hails from the Capital. Ever since he set up The Gourmand in Cansington, he’s barely made any appearances. Nobody knows anything about him.”

Several young women looked like they were about to fall at his feet, handsome as, he was. This was true wealth and power. How could The Great Four even compare? After the call he had just received, Bryan dared not waste a second. He saw Felicia’s daughter, Emily Wilkins. Mistaking her for Thea, he bowed to her respectfully. “My apologies. I have kept you waiting for far too long. The Diamond Room is ready. This way, please.”


Everyone at The Gourmand was utterly shocked.

“The Wilsons are a great family indeed. Even The Gourmand’s owner is here to greet them in person.”


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