The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3203

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3203-He looked at Thea and Nico and shook his head, “The outcome can’t be extrapolated.”

They froze momentarily before asking in unison, “Why?”

James explained, “This fragment has already transformed into a human, which is the young girl depicted in the painting. As she has inscriptions that conceal Heaven’s secret in her body, no one is able to locate her current whereabouts.”

Wearing a grim expression, Nico said, “This is a little complicated.”

James said with a sigh, “Now that things have come to this, we have very few options. Let’s return to the Elixir Pavilion and think of a way.”

“Mhm.” Thea nodded.

Though they obtained the third fragment, they could not find the whereabouts of the fourth. Thus, James decided to return to the Pavilion first.

Nico slashed the void open, and the three vanished without a trace.

At the same time, at an unknown location in the Boundless Realm…

There was a palace in the depths of a gloomy mountain range. In the main hall of the palace, Tadhg, Tamuuz, and many powerful figures of the Sanctuary were kneeling. At the front stood a middle-aged man with a bizarre-looking tail. He was the powerful figure the Sanctuary had gone to great lengths to resurrect. Though he was not the first Leader of the Sanctuary, he was a Heaven’s Adjudicator. His name was Ludwig Amir.

“My Lord, I have confirmed that James is an envoy sent by the humans. He possesses immense power, and he has an extremely powerful figure by his side, whom even I am no match for. Since we have failed to seize the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, please punish us for our incompetence.”

Ludwig sat down, his tail hovering and waving before him. He said nonchalantly, “This is within my expectation.”

Tadhg who was kneeling said, “Please divine the whereabouts of the next fragment. This time, we’ll surely get to it first.”

Ludwig waved slightly and said, “Even I can’t do that. I only know that it has transformed into a human.”

As he casually waved his hand, the image of a young girl appeared before them.

“She’s the living being materialized from the elixir fragment. Send all our disciples to look for her. Find her, even if you have to search through every nook and cranny.”

“Understood.” Tadhg nodded.

“Go.” Ludwig waved slightly.


Tadhg stood up and turned to leave.

Once Tadhg and the others left, Ludwig slowly stood up and vanished without a trace. In the next instant, he was already on the border of the Boundless Realm’s seal. Looking at the seal before him, he contemplated for some time before transforming into a thread of black aura, which managed to seep through the seal and leave the Boundless Realm.

At an unknown location in the outside world…

It had picturesque scenery, and a man was currently fishing by the riverside.

At that moment, a black aura appeared, gathering to form a middle-aged man with a tail. He was Ludwig who left the Boundless Realm.

Kneeling on the ground, he said respectfully, “My Lord.”

The man who was fishing did not turn around. Instead, he said with a hoarse voice, “Stand up and speak.”

“Understood.” Ludwig stood up and told about the events that unfolded in the Boundless Realm.

The hoarse voice came, saying, “I understand… I will give you the power of the Curse to curse all of humankind.”

He casually waved his hand, and a mysterious inscription appeared and entered Ludwig’s body. Immediately, Ludwig could feel his power reaching its pinnacle.

Delighted, he said, “Thank you, My Lord.”

Meanwhile, the man before him slowly turned illusory before vanishing without a trace. As he disappeared, the picturesque scenery disappeared alongside him. Now, only a barren wasteland of nothingness remained.


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