The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3215

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3215-Emperor Jabari was on guard. At that moment, he raised his arm, and 10,000 Paths emerged from the Divine Sword in his hand. Fusing the power of the Paths with the sword, he pierced the black energy ball.


The void immediately exploded. The ripples of the explosion shredded through the air, destroying the planets in the region.

Standing a distance away, James could sense a terrifying power sweeping toward him. Now, however, as he had absorbed the power of 400,000 Quasi Emperors, he was able to withstand this power. The same went for the 400,000 figures in the Formation.

Jabari deflected the attack. However, he now knew how terrifying Ludwig was. Though the move was ordinary, he had to use his full strength to deflect the attack. If this continued, he would certainly be defeated.

At that moment, James was unwilling to remain on the sidelines. His body flashed, and he appeared on the battlefield. As his mind stirred, 108 Infinity Steles materialized into being. Then, the Five Elements of Genesis appeared, from which Elemental Power was exuded. As Elemental Power merged and intermingled with one another, a huge Elemental Wheel was formed.

Upon seeing this, Tadhg, Tamuuz, and the rest of the Sanctuary unconsciously staggered backward. As they had fought against James in the past, they knew just how terrifying those treasures were.

“What are those?”

Ludwig stared at the Infinity Steles and the wheel formed by the Five Elements of Genesis in James’ surroundings.

Then, his expression turned grim.

“The Five Elements of Genesis… Primeval Age… The Natal Treasure of the Five Ancestral Masters of Heaven and Earth?”

As a Heaven’s Adjudicator, Ludwig had come into contact with many Ancestral Gods. As he knew about the Ancestral Gods in the Primeval Age, he could recognize the Five Elements of Genesis at a simple glance. His expression turned grim.

“As expected of the envoy of humankind, he has many treasures in his possession. However, we are no longer in the Primeval Age. In this age, all will be suppressed by the Heavenly Path.”

Ludwig was undaunted. Though he recognized the Five Elements of Genesis, he could not recognize the Infinity Steles.

“Hmph!” James grunted. Then, as his mind stirred, an Infinity Stele rushed toward Ludwig with extraordinary power.

Ludwig was composed. Just as the Infinity Stele was about to crash into him, he raised his arm and casually waved. As he struck the Infinity Stele, it was knocked away by an overwhelming force. However, at the same time, he could sense a terrifying power coming from within. This power caused the Blood Energy inside his body to churn, and he stumbled backward.


Ludwig was stunned. With his strength, he should be able to obliterate any kind of treasure in this world. Now, however, the Infinity Stele was unscathed, whereas he, on the other hand, was somewhat injured.

The moment he was distracted, the other Infinity Steles came crashing toward him. 108 Infinity Steles attacked him in succession.

At that moment, he moved. His body transformed into a shadow and struck back at the incoming Infinity Steles, knocking them away. The Infinity Steles that were knocked away managed to destroy the space in their surroundings.

James attacked relentlessly. After the Infinity Steles, he summoned the Elemental Wheel, which came crashing toward Ludwig. Ludwig summoned his strength and blocked the attack, his power interwoven with that of the Elemental Wheel.


The void exploded.

Ludwig was sent flying by the explosion, and so too did the Elemental Wheel.

At that moment, Jabari made his move.

Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, he charged toward Ludwig at an extraordinary speed. Raising his hand, countless glimmering Sword Light burst forth. In the void, they formed a bunch of Sword Webs that interwove with each other.

Ludwig’s speed was extraordinary. He traversed through the Sword Web and dodged the consecutive attacks.

Though James and Jabari used all their strength, Ludwig was fighting with a composed expression on his face. His mind seemed to be elsewhere.


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