The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3216

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3216-Through the power of 400,000 Quasi Emperors and a few Grand Emperors, James obtained immense power. At that moment, his strength reached the Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank. With the treasures in his possession, his power had reached the pinnacle of what Heaven permitted.

Summoning his full strength, he attacked relentlessly. The Infinity Steles and the Elemental Wheel overwhelmed everything that stood in their way in the void. Jabari, meanwhile, also summoned his full strength. With the Divine Sword in hand, he performed tens of thousands of Paths.

However, Ludwig was powerful. As a Heaven’s Adjudicator and the envoy of the Heavenly Path, his power had surpassed the pinnacle of what was permitted. As such, he faced off against James and Jabari with a composed expression on his face.

As the fighting progressed, Jabari and Jabari began to suffer injuries. As James was injured, so too did the 400,000 Quasi Emperors. Ludwig, meanwhile, was unscathed. He was enjoying the rhythm of the battle.

While the fighting was ongoing, in a desolate area of the Stardust Realm…

The Reincarnation Pond was a mysterious place in the Primeval Age. Now, however, the place had long dried up and become a desolated ruin.

Melinda appeared here and sat in a lotus position in the Reincarnation Pond. Closing her eyes, she raised her hand, and mysterious characters appeared in her palms. These characters entered the surrounding soil. At that moment, the soil seemed to glimmer, and a mysterious power emerged from within. Then, the power slowly flowed toward Melinda’s body, and her lost strength slowly recovered.

Meanwhile, James and Jabari were engaged in a fierce battle.

Ludwig’s body flashed, and he appeared before Jabari in an instant. Clenching his fist, he slammed his fist against Jabari’s body. This punch did not possess any power of the Path and contained only raw physical strength.

Jabari’s body was immediately distorted beyond recognition. Then, he was sent flying, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

After knocking back Jabari, Ludwig appeared before James in an instant. Before James could even react, a fist containing devastating power slammed against him.

James raised his arms to block the attack.


The two powers collided.

Space immediately exploded, and a black hole the size of a planet appeared in the void. James’ arm cracked at an extraordinary speed. In mere seconds, his arm was completely unusable. Meanwhile, he was also sent flying. As he was injured, the 400,000 Quasi Emperors, Thea, Nico, and Helvius were injured as well.

Seeing this, Silvester hurriedly rushed toward the battlefield to reinforce them. Sensing Silvester’s presence, Ludwig casually waved his hand, and a thread of black aura materialized and attacked Silvester. In an instant, Silvester was sent flying. In just a single move, Ludwig had defeated Silvester and shattered his Path Seal, rendering him useless in a battle.

At that moment, Jabari charged toward him. His Divine Sword glimmered a radiant purple light. A Sword Light traversed through space and pierced through Ludwig’s body. However, his physical body recovered at an unbelievable speed.

“Not bad… You were able to injure me.”

Ludwig turned around and looked at Jabari, who was wearing a grim expression on his face, and flashed his teeth, saying, “Any last words?”

At that moment, James had already retreated far away.


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