The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3217

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3217-‘Could it be that the Heaven Adjudicators are invincible against anyone below the Ancestral God Rank? How are we supposed to defeat him?’ James contemplated, and so too did Jabari. At that moment, he communicated with James.

“James, we won’t be able to defeat him even if we fight to the death.”

“What do we do then?”

Jabari said, “In my past life, I once cultivated a Forbidden Art that would allow me to obtain unimaginable power. However, once I use the Forbidden Art, I will surely die.”

“Don’t, Grand Emperor…”

Though James tried to stop him, he was too late.

Far away, Jabari radiated a radiant light. At that moment, he was like the sun, illuminating the pitch-black outer space. His aura soared.

Ludwig remained where he stood and looked at Jabari, smiling faintly and saying, “I’m curious to see what other tricks you have up your sleeves.”

Jabari casually waved his hand, and the Divine Sword flew toward James.

James accepted the sword and looked at Jabari, who was glimmering a golden light.

At that moment, countless inscriptions of the Path emerged on the surface of his skin, gathering to form the petals of a flower.

“A Sacred Blossom?”

James recognized the Sacred Blossom at a simple glance. However, the Sacred Blossom created by Emperor Jabari was incomplete. The petals in the middle were illusory and non-existent. James had studied the Sacred Blossom. As such, he knew that the petals in the middle of the region represented the supreme Path. Upon seeing this, James knew that though Emperor Jabari was well-versed in many Paths, he was not proficient in some of the core Paths. Otherwise, the Sacred Blossom that materialized would have been a complete one.

“A Sacred Blossom?”

Ludwig froze. Then, he said smilingly, “I never thought that you’d be able to perform the Sacred Blossom. You should be proud of yourself. If not for the limitations, you can certainly cross into the Ancestral God Rank.”

“Hahaha…” Emperor Jabari smiled faintly as an incomplete Sacred Blossom appeared on his head. At that moment, he raised his hand, and mysterious sigils emerged in his palm.

“Sacrifice!” he roared.

Then, his body erupted into flames, materializing immense power that completed the Sacred Blossom. What the Sacred Blossom lacked was supreme Karma in the middle and the Five Paths around the Karma—Time, Space, Life, Death, and Reincarnation.

At that moment, the immense power that emerged from within Jabari’s body slowly repleted the petals that represented Time, Space, Life, Death, and Reincarnation. After the process, Emperor Jabari’s physical body seemed to have vanished.

“Grand Emperor!” James yelled.

At that moment, he could sense Jabari’s vitality seeping away and his soul evaporating. If this continued, he would surely die and completely vanish without a trace.

Tears fell from James’ cheeks as the images and memories of the Celestial Abode surfaced in his mind. Standing in the void, he reached out helplessly.


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