The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3228

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3228-James immediately received support.

Silvester immediately said, “I also suspect that the final fragment isn’t in the Boundless Realm. All these years, we have searched every nook and cranny of this place. Yet, we could not find any trace of the elixir in the form of a young girl. We should search around in the outside world.”

“Let me go alongside you, James.”

Nico stepped forward even though the 100,000 years agreement was over. After all these years, he had gotten used to obeying James’ orders. Now that James was leaving, he had no idea what to do.

James, however, waved his hand slightly and said, “Stay here in the Boundless Realm. You aren’t a human, and these are the affairs of mankind. Since this doesn’t concern you, don’t get involved.”


James interrupted him.

“No buts.”

“Take me along, James. I also want to see what the world outside the Boundless Realm looks like.” Monica stepped forward and looked at James in anticipation.


At that moment, a disciple hurriedly rushed in and knelt on one knee.

Silvester waved his hand slightly and said, “Stand up and speak.”

“Sir, the seal on the Boundless Realm has disappeared.” The disciple hurriedly said.

“What?” James and the others exclaimed.

Even Melinda was stunned. She asked, “The seal disappeared?”

“Y-Yes,” the disciple answered.

Melinda was wearing a grim expression.

James glanced at her and asked, “Is something the matter?”

She said, “The disappearance of the seal on the Boundless Realm can only mean that the Fourth Calamity is about to arrive. Perhaps it would be years, maybe it could be days. In any case, the Heaven’s Adjudicators will soon appear in this universe.”

Melinda had no idea when the Fourth Calamity would happen. However, she knew there was a prerequisite to the calamity—3the seal set up by the humans in the Primeval Age would have to disappear.

“Go.” James hurriedly said, “Leave this place at once and head to Earth. We have to discuss the situation with Xandros, the Lord of the human race.”


Melinda nodded.

Then, James, Thea, and Melinda did not linger for long and hurriedly turned to leave.

As the seal disappeared, James did not have to spend time removing the seal. Though Melinda was a Quasi Ancestral God, she had no idea about the specific location of Earth. Cutting through the void, they entered the space. In the next instant, they were already at the seal of the Boundless Realm. Now, however, the seal was nowhere to be seen.

Just as they arrived, a fissure appeared in the void before them. Then, a somewhat handsome-looking man appeared. He was none other than Xandros Tegan, the Lord of the human race. Upon sending James back 100,000 years in time, he had been constantly observing the seal on the Boundless. Sensing that the seal had disappeared, he immediately appeared.

“Xandros.” James walked toward him and clasped his fist.

Xandros waved his hand slightly and hurriedly asked, “James, how did it go? Did you find the Ancestral God Rank Elixir?”

James shook his head.

“What?” Xandros’ face paled.

James said, “Please hear me out.”

Then, James narrated the events that unfolded.

“Now, we have found four fragments of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, and only a single one remains, which has already transformed into the image of a living being.”

“We’ll talk more when we return,” Xandros said. Then, he casually waved his hand and cut through the void. Then, they stepped into the void and disappeared without a trace. In the next instant, they were already back in a Sealed Realm on Earth.

There were many Grand Emperors here. All these years, they had been researching an elixir that was able to suppress Curse Power. After a long time, the research had shown progress.


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