The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3233

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3233-There was also Quincy, who was at the forefront of the main hall.

When James saw these familiar yet unfamiliar faces, he felt at home.

After being stunned for several seconds, a smile appeared on his face. He said, “I’m back.”

Henry immediately walked over, opened his arms, and hugged James.

“Mr. Caden, you’ve finally returned.”

James said with a smile, “Yeah. Even though it hasn’t been that long since I left, only about a thousand years, I’ve been through a lot.”

At the forefront of the main hall, Quincy, who was dressed in red, walked down slowly. She appeared in front of James and raised her head to look at him. Her red lips opened slightly. She wanted to say something, but she did not.


Cynthia walked over and said cheekily with a grin, “During these thousand years, Quincy missed you a lot. She did a great job of managing Wyrmstead for you.”

Tiara also walked over and called out with a faint smile, “James.”

Following that, Thomas, Langston, the Omniscient Deity, and the other human cultivators walked over to greet James one by one.

As he looked at these faces and heard the cheers and laughter around him, James felt content.

Thankfully, they were all present. Everything was still here.

Everything remained the same and was still familiar to him.

Quincy smiled and said, “When word came from around the world that the Curse Power had vanished, I knew it meant you were back.”

“Mhm.” James nodded at her and said, “Thank you for your hard work during all these years.”

Tyrus walked over, punched James in the chest, and asked with a smile, “Brat, where have you been for the last thousand years?”

“It’s a long story.” James said, “Take a seat, everyone. Allow me to tell you slowly.”

Everyone sat down one by one.

James spoke slowly and told them about his journey to the Boundless Realm, from the moment he entered the River of Time until he was separated from Thea.

Then he talked about meeting Thea, foiling the Sanctuary of Darkness’ plot, entering the Dark World, and finally battling the Heaven’s Adjudicator.

He spoke for half a day.

Though he recounted the events casually, everyone was horrified by what they heard.

Nobody had anticipated James to experience as much during all of these years.

“Oh, right. Where is Thea?”

Only then did James realize he had not seen Thea despite having returned for half a day.

“She hasn’t come back yet,” said Quincy.

“She hasn’t come back?”

James furrowed his brow and said, “That shouldn’t be. She should’ve returned a few days ago. Could something have happened to her?”

“What could possibly have happened?” A laugh came from outside the main hall.

Following that, two beautiful women walked in.

The two had very similar appearances.


Quincy greeted her graciously. Then, she looked at Xainte and said, “Is this Xainte, who James mentioned?”

Xainte looked at Quincy, then at James, and said with her lips pursed, “Dad, are you not going to introduce us?”

Thea immediately stepped forward and said, “This is Quincy Xenos.”

“Hi, Ms. Xenos,” Xainte followed local customs and greeted her cordially.

Quincy said with a smile, “It’s all good as long as you returned safely. Tonight, we will celebrate James’ safe return with a grand feast.”

James waved his hand slightly and said, “Let’s avoid such formalities.”

“Alright.” Quincy did not say anything else.

“Sir,” a voice came over from outside the main hall once again.

Monica walked in. With a bright smile, she greeted everyone.

“Hi, everyone. I’m Monica Trinity, an Inner Disciple of Mr. Caden.”

James introduced Monica with a smile as well.

After that, James stayed in Wyrmstead Palace and did not leave while he waited for Xandros to search for the whereabouts of the last Ancestral God Rank Elixir.


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