The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3236

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3236-James appeared on the outskirts of Mount Bane.

It had been a thousand years. Many mountain ranges had appeared at Mount Bane. This region grew enormously. Many sects of the Three Thousand Worlds established their branches in Mount Bane.

Many areas of Mount Bane were occupied by powerful figures from the Three Thousand Worlds. There were also some from other worlds in the universe.

In short, the current Mount Bane had grown quite lively.

The most lively region was Bane City in Mount Bane. As the area of Mount Bane grew in size, the territory of Bane City extended as well. Bane City was currently a megacity.

James entered Mount Bane. Along the way, he came across many cultivators.

The majority of these cultivators were humans. Some of them were living beings of the Beast Race. Almost all of these living beings appeared after James had left, so they did not know James.

Soon, James saw the entrance to Bane City.

“Have you heard? Empress Brielle has arrived at Mount Bane. She’s in Bane City now. She’s hosting a banquet and has invited prodigies from various races in the universe.”

“I’ve also heard it. The banquet is today. I really want to see it and meet these extremely powerful cultivators who came from all over the universe.”

“Forget about it.”

“Stop dreaming. Unless you’re a fantastic cultivator, don’t even think about it.”

As soon as James appeared outside Bane City, he could hear many voices conversing.

All of them were talking about Brielle.

They even called her ‘Empress’.

When James overheard these conversations, he was slightly taken aback.

“Brielle, Empress… Has she become an Emperor? After only a thousand years, she has become an Emperor?”

After thinking about Brielle acquiring the ultimate boon of the Third Calamity, Leap out of the Three Dimensions, Relinquish the Five Elements, and being free from the constraints of the Heavenly Path, he felt relieved.

Furthermore, Henrik had said that Brielle would be the first to become Emperor in the future.

Though Brielle’s ascension to Emperor was understandable, James was still astounded by her speed of cultivation. It only took her a thousand years to rise from the Sage Rank to the Grand Emperor Rank. This speed was too terrifying.

He strode into the city. Many cultivators in the city were discussing it.

James also found out where Brielle was hosting a banquet for prominent figures from various races.

It was in a residence in Bane City that served as a base for the Demon Realm’s Labhrann Clan on Earth.

James walked toward Labhranns’ Residence and soon arrived.

At the entrance to the Labhranns’ Residence, there were numerous Labhrann Clan guards. These guards were dispatched by the Labhrann Clan of the Demon Realm’s Divine Dimension. They were relatively stronger. All of them were powerful cultivators who had entered the Divine Rank.

If this was before he traveled to the Boundless Realm, James would have found it impossible to overcome cultivators of the Divine Rank.

However, for the current him, cultivators of the Divine Rank were not a problem for him.

Although his rank was only at Divine Rank’s Second Heaven, he cultivated the supreme Sword Path. He had even cultivated Nine Ousias. When his true strength was unleashed, he could definitely fight against a Quasi-Emperor.


As soon as he got close, a shout came over. Several Divine Rank guards walked over and blocked James’ path. One of them said, “The Empress of our clan is hosting a banquet for prodigies from all over the world. Others are not permitted entry.”

“I’m looking for Brielle.” James wore a serene expression. He said casually, “Go and report my visit. Just say that James Caden has arrived.”

“James Caden?”

When they heard this name, the guards all stared at James.

They had never met James, but they knew his name. They were aware that he was the human from Earth who had received the ultimate boon of the First and Second Calamities.

However, after the Third Calamity on Earth was over, James disappeared. He had not appeared in nearly a thousand years and was almost forgotten by Earth’s humans and prodigies all over the world.

“Brat, pretending to be anyone else is better than pretending to be James Caden. Do you know who James Caden is?” A guard had a sneer on his face. From his point of view, James was definitely trying to sneak in and gain some valuable experience.

“Get lost.”

“If you don’t leave right now, don’t blame us for making it difficult for you.”


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