The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3237

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3237-These guards did not save James’ face at all.

James rubbed his nose with a look of resignation. If he wanted to pass through this entrance, it seemed that he would need to show a bit of what he was capable of.

“How would you make it difficult for me?”

James gave a faint smile and took a few steps forward.


One of the guards immediately drew his sword and pressed the sharp blade against James’ chest.

“Try to move again if you dare,” threatened the Labhrann Clan guard.

“Hmph.” James huffed coldly and was about to strike.

“What’s going on?”

At this very moment, a voice came over.

Many guards turned toward the voice and immediately greeted the person with a smile.

James turned to look as well. A man who appeared to be in his twenties walked over. He was wearing a golden robe. Behind his back were a pair of vivid and lifelike wings.

“Lord Sabrathan, you have arrived. The Empress of my clan has been waiting for you for quite some time. Please enter.”

When the Labhrann Clan guards saw the man with wings in a golden robe, their faces were filled with respect.

However, Sabrathan’s gaze was fixed on James.

“James Caden?”

He recognized James.

Although he was not present at the battle of the Thirty-three Stages of Earth’s Third Calamity, he was a prodigy of the Fallen Angel Clan from the Demon Realm.

The Fallen Angel Clan was one of the Demon Realm’s top major races, only trailing the Azurean Clan and Hadean Clan. They were even more powerful than the Labhrann Clan in the Demon Realm.

As a prominent figure, he was aware of the most outstanding prodigy from Earth, James Caden.

“Yes.” James looked at Sabrathan and asked, “You are?”

Sabrathan’s lips curled into a faint smile. Though he could not kill James, he could teach him a lesson.

“The top prodigy of Earth’s human race?”

Sabrathan smiled faintly. He spread his legs apart, pointed between them, and said, “If you want to pass through this gate, go through between my legs.”

The Demon Realm’s various clans were not friendly to humans.

Even though various realms were still relatively peaceful, prodigies from various realms secretly had no regard for humans.

The reason for this was that the current human race was already the most inferior race in the universe.

Sabrathan was no different. He intended to make fun of James.

“What? You don’t want to?” Sabrathan cracked a faint smile and said, “The human race is already not the most superior race in the universe. The current human race has been abandoned by the Heavenly Path and is the most inferior race, no better than pigs or dogs.”

Sabrathan spoke mockingly.

James looked at him. His expression was serene.

Although Earth was currently peaceful, he could see from this incident what the human race’s status was at Mount Bane. He could tell what kind of treatment the human race had received.

This place was the city center of Bane City. Around them, there were many cultivators, including humans.

“I-It’s James Caden.”

“Isn’t that a prodigy of the Demon Realm’s Fallen Angel Clan?”

“James has returned, but why has he gotten into trouble with Sabrathan? Sabrathan is not to be trifled with. He is a truly formidable cultivator. His cultivation base has reached Divine Rank’s Third Consolidation.”

Many living beings recognized James. When they saw James had gotten into trouble with Sabrathan, they all feared for him.

Some of the human cultivators walked up to him and advised him in a lowered voice, “James, don’t bother with him. Just hurry up and leave.”

“Yeah. Leave quickly. A wise man doesn’t fight when the odds are clearly stacked against him.”

Many human cultivators spoke up, all urging James to leave.


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