The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3245

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3245-As soon as they reached the village, Thea reminisced on how they both hid away from the world back then. During that time, she was pregnant with Winnie.

So many years have passed in the blink of an eye.

Thea held tightly onto James’ hand and said, “Honey, our old home is gone. Could you get some wood from the forest and build a new house?”

“Of course.”

James immediately got to work.

With his current strength, building a house was a piece of cake.

A courtyard house was built on an empty plot of land in less than half a day.

Thea sat on a chair inside the courtyard and snuggled into James’ arms. Then, she summoned Exalter and handed it over to James.

“Why are you giving it to me?”

James was taken aback.

Thea smiled gently at him. “Exalter is useless to me, so I’m giving it to you. You’ve already mastered Demonic Transformation and cultivated Demonic Power. nov.el.ebook You can fuse Crucifier and Exalter to form the Time Capsule.”


James reluctantly put it away.

Thea said softly, “Honey, I’d like to have a son with you.”

Then, she planted a kiss on James’ lips.

James responded to the kiss enthusiastically.

In that period, James and Thea lived together in the isolated village and fervently spent most of their time trying for a child.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

Thea finally ended up pregnant.

Since she was a Grand Emperor, she could easily sense her body’s condition and sensed that the child in her stomach was a boy.

Originally, she wanted to accelerate his growth.

However, the Fourth Calamity had not yet come to pass, and she still had some time. Thus, she wanted her child to stay in her womb for ten months.

Meanwhile, James was tilling some land in their yard with a hoe.

In the distance, some poultry, like chickens and ducks, roamed the area.

Thea stood at the door and watched James in his worn-out clothes, working the ground in the distance. She was filled with happiness and smiled blissfully.

Soon, James walked over to her with his hoe.

“I’m back, Darling.”

“Welcome home.”

Thea nodded lightly, walked over, and wiped the dirt off James’ face with a handkerchief.novelebook Then, she said tenderly, “I’ve got some good news, Honey.”

“What is it?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“Are you serious?!”

After processing her words, James immediately let out a delighted cry. He squatted down and pressed his head against Thea’s stomach. With a smile, he asked. “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a boy.”

James used his senses and could feel the little life within Thea’s body.

“Honey, you should go find some exceptional provisions for our son. I want him to be outstanding from the moment he is born.”

“W-Where do I look for them?” asked James.

Thea said teasingly, “It’s up to you. You can simply snatch them from someone else if you can’t find any.”

“Sure, no problem!” James replied with a smile. Then he activated a Secret Art to contact Nico.

Nico appeared instantly and asked. “How may I help, James?”

James said, “Get ready for the heist of your life!”

“Huh?” Startled, Thea said alarmedly, “I was just kidding! Are you seriously thinking of snatching something from someone else?”

James said smilingly, “The human race has lived under oppression this whole time. It’s time for us to fight back. Rest assured, Darling. I’ll come back full of bounties to nourish our child with!”

“Okay, go on then. Do come back soon.”

Thea lightly waved her hand, not knowing this would be their last farewell.


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