The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3246

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3246-Thea was pregnant and needed medicinal substances to nourish the child.

James was simply joking about stealing these from others.

He planned to make a trip to the Elixir Pavilion in the Boundless Realm.

The Elixir Pavilion was a powerful sect in the Boundless Realm. Although the seal around the Boundless Realm had disappeared, it was no exaggeration to call them the greatest sect in the universe.

Many Empyrean herbs, including Emperor Rank Herbs, were stored in the Elixir Pavilion.

“Thea, Nico, and I will travel to the Elixir Pavilion.”

After James informed Thea of his destination, he left with Nico.

Nico easily opened up spatial passage and led James to the Boundless Realm.

Thea sent James off with a smile. As soon as he left, her expression darkened.


A blurry shadow appeared and gradually coalesced into the silhouette of a man.

It was the Human Realm’s Lord, Xandros.

Thea greeted him, “Sir Tegan.”

Xandros said, “It’s almost time. I can sense that Heaven’s Adjudicators are about to descend into the universe. They might arrive in three to five days. It’s also possible that they might even show up today.”

Thea asked calmly, “What do I need to do?”

Xandros waved his hand, and a jade piece appeared before him. He explained, “This jade piece has records of a Secret Art left behind by the Ancestral Gods from the Primeval Age.novelebook After you use the Secret Art, you’ll transform into the last portion of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.”

Thea accepted the jade piece and stored it away. Then, she caressed her stomach.

She wanted to carry the child for ten months until the time was right to birth him, but her wishes were unfeasible according to the current circumstances.

“Don’t tell James about what happened to me until the Fourth Calamity passes. Also, help me take care of my child and bring him to James after the calamity has concluded.

“I already have a name for our child, Jacopo Caden.

“I hope he’ll achieve great things in the future and live a free and troubleless life.”

Thea spoke very softly.

Xandros nodded in response.

Thea returned to the house.

She lay on the bed and mobilized her energy to stimulate the growth of the fetus, accelerating her own gestation.

Thea’s belly swelled as the fetus steadily developed.

Shortly after, a baby’s cries filled the room.

After a while, Thea walked out of the house with the child in her arms.

She approached Xandros.

The baby in her arms was chubby, and his dark eyes twinkled brightly. His eyes were opened wide, and he was staring right at Thea.

“I’m sorry, my son.”

Thea stared tenderly at Jacopo.

She was reluctant to look away because it was her last moment with him.

Xandros could not help but comfort her. “You don’t have to worry, Thea. Right now, you’re merely the portion your soul that the Ancestral Gods extracted from you in the Primeval Age. The true version of you might still be alive somewhere.”

“Is that so?”

Thea looked at Xandros and said, “…But will that person still be me? Even though I’m merely a soul fragment, I have my own consciousness. nov.eleb.ook Will the real version be like myself?”

“I don’t know…”

Xandros was at a loss for words.

Thea pressed her lips together and handed Jacopo to Xandros.

“Take good care of him.”

Xandros took Jacopo in his arms.

At that moment, Jacopo suddenly burst into tears. As if feeling like something was amiss, he cried out. “M-Mama…”

Thea was a Second Heaven Grand Emperor, so the child enriched with her supreme strength was born extraordinary.

Thea returned to the house.

She took out the jade piece Xandros gave her and began to learn the Secret Art recorded in it.

The Secret Art was fairly simple, and Thea grasped it quickly.

Then, she activated the Secret Art.

A dazzling golden light burst out from her body, and her body gradually became translucent.


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