The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3249

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3249-The Heaven’s Adjudicators were extremely imposing and were at the Quasi Ancestral God Rank.

Xandros, Silvester, Helvius, Nico, and the other powerhouse present all gazed grimly at the Heaven’s Adjudicators.


Xandros shouted and immediately summoned his weapon. Then, he charged at the Heaven’s Adjudicators.

He appeared in front of a Heaven’s Adjudicator in the next moment.

The Heaven’s Adjudicator let out a cold snort. Then, he raised his hand, and a powerful force burst out from his palm, knocking Xandros away.

Xandros was a powerful cultivator that had survived since the Primeval Age. He was an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor and was considered a peerless powerhouse. n.ovelebook However, even he could not withstand one blow from a Heaven’s Adjudicator.

“Hurry up, James!”

Xandros was wounded and spat out blood. He turned to James and hurriedly said, “It’ll be destroyed if a battle were to break out here in the Human Realm.

“Consume the Ancestral God Rank Elixir immediately and lure the Heaven’s Adjudicators to the deepest parts of the universe. Even a second’s hesitation might result in the destruction of the Human Realm.”

Xandros’ voice rang clearly through the sky.

James looked at the Ancestral God Rank Elixir before him. He opened his mouth and swallowed it without hesitation.

The Ancestral God Rank Elixir was huge and about the size of a basketball. A warmth immediately spread in James’ mouth and permeated his body.

The warm current flowed throughout his body, giving him tremendous power.

James felt his physical body rapidly being enhanced.

His physical strength immediately reached its greatest potential, and his power increased explosively.

The Sword Path Ousia in his body also became significantly stronger and transformed into a Path Seal.

His Curse Ousia, Elemental Ousias, Yin, and Yang Ousias all went through similar changes.

James’ cultivation skyrocketed to a higher rank.

In an instant, nine Path Seals appeared in James’ body, boosting him into the Grand Emperor Rank.

However, it was just the beginning the elixir’s miraculous effects, and his cultivation rank continued to improve.

Sensing the growing power in his body, James’ eyes widened in wonder. The effects of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir created by the countless Ancestral Gods with painstaking effort in the Primeval Age were just as marvelous as he expected.

Meanwhile, the Heaven’s Adjudicators started executing their tasks.

Many powerful humans were gathered in this world.

However, they were effortlessly overpowered by the Heaven’s Adjudicators.

After a brief fight, Xandros, Silvester, Helvius, and Nico sustained injuries. On the other hand, the weaker Grand Emperors were killed instantly.

“Hurry up, James! We can’t hold them off much longer.”

Xandros was wounded all over, and his body was covered in blood.

After James consumed the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, his cultivation rank was exponentially raised. At that moment, he had already broken through the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven and stepped into the Quasi Ancestral God Rank.novelebook He had already surpassed the highest cultivation rank permitted for humans by the Heavenly Path.

As James reached the Quasi Ancestral God Rank, many of the Heaven’s Adjudicators turned their sights on him.

The Heaven’s Adjudicators of the Fourth Calamity were programmed to kill the stronger humans first.

Thus, they targeted whoever was stronger and would sequentially move on to the weaker ones.

The Heaven’s Adjudicators stopped chasing after the others and changed their target to James.

James knew that the Human Realm might collapse if their fight continued in this place. Using his mind, he quickly summoned a spatial passage and a void in the space before him.

He leaped into the void and disappeared from the place.

After James’ vanished, the Heaven’s Adjudicators present immediately chased after him.

At that moment, the Heaven’s Adjudicators from all over the universe also sensed the birth of an extremely powerful human cultivator. All of them withdrew from their respective battles. After locating James, they all went after him.

James appeared in the deepest part of the universe, which lay uninhabited.

The place was dark and deathly silent, giving it an eerie atmosphere.

James floated in the cosmos and turned to the Heaven’s Adjudicators chasing after him with a solemn expression.


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