The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3253

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3253-While fighting, James gradually gained control of strength in his body.

After half a day, he was finally able to wield it properly.

Every move he made after that contained the explosive power of an Ancestral God and was incredibly destructive.

Slowly, he turned the tides.

Although there were over a hundred Heaven’s Adjudicators, they were afraid to attack James head-on and launched sneak attacks while moving around the surrounding space.

“The Space Path is really unpleasant to fight against.”

James was getting frustrated by his opponents.

Suddenly, he felt a mysterious force seep into the air.

Shortly after, he was immobilized.

It felt like time had stopped, or more precisely, someone had specifically stopped his time.

As soon as he was immobilized, about eight Heaven’s Adjudicators teleported in front of him and swung their Scythe of Judgments at James in unison.

Even though James’ physical strength was at the Ancestral God Rank, the Heaven’s Adjudicators were Quasi Ancestral Gods formed by Heaven’s Law and possessed terrifying power.

The scythes slashed at James, cutting into his physical body.

His skin split where he was cut.


James roared furiously and urged the power in his body, dispeling the time confinement skill placed on him.

He attempted to use his power to heal himself. However, the injuries he sustained were not just ordinary lacerations. The injuries inflicted by the Scythe of Judgements contained the Heavenly Path’s power.novelebook Although he gained the power of an Ancestral God, he could not treat his injuries.

“Damn it.”

James’ face darkened.

Suddenly, the 108 Infinity Steles hidden within his body materialized.

The Infinity Steles darted out at Heaven’s Adjudicators.

Infinity Steles were treasures that had existed since the beginning of heaven and earth.

The power of the Infinity Steles depended on the user’s strength. Now that James was an Ancestral God, the Infinity Steles could unleash devastating strength equivalent to an Ancestral God’s.

The Infinity Steles bombarded the surrounding area and shattered the space around them, making it impossible for the Heaven’s Adjudicators to conceal themselves.

Immediately afterward, James summoned the Five Elements of Genesis.

The Elemental Power within his body flowed out and merged with the Five Elements of Genesis to form an Elemental Wheel.

James controlled the Elemental Wheel with his consciousness and enlarged it to the size of a planet.

The Elemental Wheel dashed through the area, cutting the space in half.

Terrified of the Infinity Steles and Elemental Wheel, the Heaven’s Adjudicators dodged James onslaught continuously.


The Elemental Wheel whirled around and continuously split open the space. One of Heaven’s Adjudicators failed to dodge in time and was struck by the Elemental Wheel.

He perished instantly and dispersed into the shards of the Law of Heaven, which drifted to the distance.

The shards gathered together and reformed the Heaven’s Adjudicator’s body.

In the distance, the human powerhouses smiled upon seeing James unleashing his hidden treasures.

“The Five Elements of Genesis is truly destructive.”

“Yeah. Although Heaven’s Adjudicator is a Quasi Ancestral God, his body was immediately destroyed.”

“Even though he can resurrect himself from the Law of Heaven’s shards,nove.lebook his power will be significantly weakened.”

“The Infinity Steles are also powerful. If the Heaven’s Adjudicators were to be struck by it, they would definitely sustain substantial damage.”

The humans eventually became more hopeful as they saw James’ counterattacks.

They were looking forward to James vanquishing the Heaven’s Adjudicators. After the fight, humanity would have overcome the Fourth Calamity and finally be safe.


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