The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3255

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3255-Suddenly, Melinda disappeared into thin air.

The next moment, she appeared in the Aqua Realm.

Melinda stood before a black palace somewhere in the Aqua Realm.

“Heaven’s Adjudicators have descended, and humans are now facing the Fourth Calamity. James has consumed the Ancestral God Rank Elixir and gained the power of an Ancestral God. He is currently fighting against Heaven’s Adjudicators.

“Despite possessing the power of an Ancestral God, James still lacks a deeper understanding of Cultivation Paths. If he continues fighting like this, he’ll die.

“Are you really not going to show yourself?”

Melinda’s voice echoed in the desolate area.

However, no response came from the black palace.

Melinda waited in place.

After a while, the black palace’s gates creaked open. A woman about 180 centimeters tall with jet-black hair walked out in a black dress.

She had beautiful facial features and gave off an extraordinary impression.

The woman stood at the palace gates and looked at Melinda.

Melinda said, “You refused to participate in the war back then and chose to seal yourself away here. I know you did so in anticipation of this day. Without your help, James will die, and the entire human race will be wiped out.

“Although you’re one of Heaven’s Adjudicators, you’re also a human. Moreover, you’re James’ daughter. No matter what it is, shouldn’t you help him?”

The beautiful woman who walked out of the palace was Winnie.

Years ago, Winnie chose to leave Earth and left on a journey to train herself.

Although it had only been a thousand years since she left, her experience amounted to much more than that. Coincidentally, she also time-traveled back to the Primeval Age.

In the Primeval Age, she improved herself spectacularly and became a true Heaven’s Adjudicator.

She was stronger than other Heaven’s Adjudicator, as she was an Ancestral God.

Winnie looked at Melinda and said, “As a Heaven’s Adjudicator, my duty is to fight injusticw. It’s the fate of the human race to go through this calamity.”

Melinda scoffed. “That’s ridiculous. All this talk about fate is nonsense. Radomir changed the rules of the Heavenly Path. If not because he secretly made changes to how the Heavenly Path operates, humans would’ve never had to go through the Four Calamities!”

Hearing this, Winnie could only keep silent.

“Do you know your mother has already sacrificed herself to transform into the Ancestral God Rank Elixir?” asked Melinda.

Winnie nodded. “I’m aware. From the moment a portion of my mother’s soul was taken away from her, I knew such a day would come. However, this does not affect her true self. Besides, even if I don’t act, my father will resolve everything himself. He still has to look for my mother.

“Are you really going to watch him die?” asked Melinda.

Winnie sighed and said solemnly, “I’ve already made an oath to the Heavenly Path not to interfere with the human race’s calamities. Even if I hadn’t made that oath, there’s nothing I can do either.”

Melinda questioned her. ” Why not?”

Winnie replied, “You used to be an Ancestral God as well. You should understand that everything has been planned by Radomir. Do you really think Radomir is that ruthless and wants to get rid of humans to stabilize his position?”

“What else could it be for?” Melinda said coldly.

Winnie replied, “The root of everything is your father. He wasn’t a progressive thinker. Although there were many Ancestral Gods in the Primeval Age, novelebook it was the limit that one could reach, and none could become a Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

“If the living beings in this universe aren’t allowed to become Macrocosm Ancestral Gods, we won’t stand a chance against other universes.

“Once other universes strike at us, the Twelfth Universe will be destroyed. When a time like that comes, it won’t end at the extinction of human beings, but our entire universe will cease to exist. The Twelfth Universe will be destroyed.

“I trust that my father will survive this disaster.

“If he can’t survive, then everything in the Primeval Age was just an illusion. The Primeval Age shouldn’t have existed, our universe’s Heavenly Path would’ve collapsed, destroyiing our universe itself.”

Melinda said, “That’s why you must take action to prevent all these from happening. You need to intervene so James doesn’t die. Otherwise, all our efforts would’ve been for naught.”

Hearing this, Winnie fell into deep thought.


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