The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3256

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3256-Winnie was an Ancestral God and had insight into many future events.

She knew James would not die and would surely win the fight.

However, Melinda’s words made her doubt herself.

Melinda mentioned that James would die if she did not take action. If that came to pass, the humans would fail to survive the Fourth Calamity, novelebook and everything would cease to exist.

The Heavenly Path would collapse, the Twelfth Universe would fall, and everything that happened would be just like a dream.

However, Winnie would face severe consequences if she were to intervene, and it would not just be as simple as death.

Melinda looked at Winnie silently.

After a while, she said, “Whether you help him or not is up to you.”

Melinda turned around and disappeared from the palace gates in a flash.

At that moment, the fight between James and the Heaven’s Adjudicators was still ongoing in the deepest part of the universe.

James had unleashed all his secret weapons.

The nine Path Seals in his body exuded powerful strength. The Infinity Stele and Elemental Wheel’s bombardment forced the Heaven’s Adjudicators to keep retreating.

However, none of the Heaven’s Adjudicators died during the lengthy battle.

If the fight were to drag out, the Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s power would wear off and James would definitely be killed. If he were to perish, humanity would be doomed to the Fourth Calamity.

During the battle, James understood the seriousness of the situation.

He already knew the Heaven’s Adjudicators would be strong, but their powers had far exceeded his expectation. Despite fighting for so long, he still had not managed to kill any of them.

“It’s going to be bad if the fight continues like this.”

James was anxious and momentarily distracted.

Taking advantage of this, the Heaven’s Adjudicators confined him.

James easily broke free using his strength. Unfortunately, he had been struck by a few dozen Scythe of Judgements when he was bound.

His body was covered with more and more wounds.

Since they contained the power of the Heavenly Path, he could not immediately treat them, and it would take him a long period of recovery to heal himself.

James cursed furiously, “Damn it.”

He stared at one of the Heaven’s Adjudicators, and lobbed an Infinity Stele at him.

The Heaven’s Adjudicator had great speed and could disappear between spaces since he had mastered the Space Path.

James continued to use the Infinity Steles to demolish the surrounding The space around him was immediately shattered, and the Heaven’s Adjudicator was exposed.

The moment James saw him, he used all the Infinity Steles to strike him.

Each piece of the Infinity Steles contained powerful strength.

The Heaven’s Adjudicator continuously dodged the attacks.

Suddenly, the Elemental Wheel struck at him.

The Heaven’s Adjudicator raised the Scythe of Judgement, and a dazzling Sword Light burst out to deflect the Elemental Wheel.

At that moment, James acted.

Holding the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, he appeared before the Heaven’s Adjudicator with a flash.

The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword impaled the Heaven’s Adjudicator’s body.

A powerful Sword Energy exploded within the Heaven’s Adjudicator, destroying his body.

The Heaven’s Adjudicator dispersed into shards of Heaven’s Law.

James roared defiantly, “Die!!!”

The Elemental Wheel spun out and crushed the shards of Heaven’s Law.

Struck by the crushing force of the Elemental Wheel, the shards of Heaven’s Law disappeared without a trace.

James finally killed one of his numerous opponents.

While this happened, the other Heaven’s Adjudicators were still constantly attacking James.

They unleashed all kinds of Supernatural Powers, and launched consecutive attacks at James.


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