The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3259

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3259-A void split open before Winnie and a beautiful woman walked out.

It was Melinda.

Melinda said, “You’re here, Winnie. James is already heavily injured. The Heaven’s Adjudicators have chosen to self-destruct to kill James. James won’t be able to wipe them out by himself if things go on like this.”

“Let’s fight together.”

Melinda looked at Winnie and said, “Although I’m only a Quasi Ancestral God right now, my soul is still that of an Ancestral God. novelebook I’m capable of fending off three to five of them. Since you’re an Ancestral God as well, you should be able to fight at least ten of them. We can help lighten James’ burden.”

Winnie hesitated.

Melinda persuaded her. “There’s no time to hesitate. If you delay any longer, the effects of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir might wear off. By then, we won’t have a chance to emerge victorious even if you involved yourself.”

“Should I really interfere?” Winnie frowned in concern.

She worried about her actions.

Winnie was a Heaven’s Adjudicator, and she would be going against the Heavenly Path’s will if she participated in the battle.

While Winnie was contemplating, James was injured by another strike from a Scythe of Judgement. One of his hands was almost severed, and blood gushed out.

James used his strength to forcibly heal the injury and reconnect his arm.

However, the wound was not completely healed. It was impossible for him to treat the wound in such a short time.

Seeing James sustain such severe injury, Winnie could not bear it any longer. She immediately flashed into the battlefield behind James.


She appeared on the battlefield and called out to James.

After evading the attack of a Heaven’s Adjudicator, James heard a familiar voice. nove.leb.ook He immediately turned around and was surprised to see Winnie.

He immediately shouted, “Winnie? What are you doing here? It’s very dangerous. You need to leave now.”

Winnie walked through space and stood before James.


The other Heaven’s Adjudicators were stunned to see Winnie.


“Why is she here?”

“Didn’t she choose to seal herself away and make a vow not to interfere in the fate of humanity?”

The Heaven’s Adjudicators present were shocked to see her. All of them recognized Winnie.

Winnie stood before James, and her eyes glistened sadly upon seeing the injuries all over James’ body.

Crystaline teardrops rolled down her cheeks.

She remembered the time when she was still a weak cultivator. Her motive for getting stronger back then was to help James overcome his obstacles.

“I’m here to help, Dad.”

A smile formed on Winnie’s tear-stained face.

“You?” James was startled.

Suddenly, James sensed an extremely powerful force emanating from Winnie. Then, a black scythe appeared in her hands.

After summoning her weapon, Winnie’s aura rose and immediately surpassed their surrounding opponents’.


Another figure appeared.

Melinda stood beside them on the battlefield.

“I’m also here to help, James.” Melinda appeared before James with a rapier in hand.

James cast a glance at Winnie, then turned to Melinda. Then, his gaze returned to Winnie.

He asked in disbelief, “Winnie, you’re already an Ancestral God?”

Winnie nodded with teary eyes.

“What are you doing, Winnie?”

A furious voice came from the distance.

“Have you forgotten the oath you’ve made? Do you still remember your promise to our Macrocosm Ancestral God?”

Winnie turned to the Heaven’s Adjudicator and replied softly, “It’s true I’m one of Heaven’s Adjudicators. However, I’m also a human. James is my father, so how am I supposed to stand by and watch my father fight alone?”

“Even if I die, and my actions are beyond redemption, I must participate in this battle.

“My father was the one who gave life to me, and I owe all I have to him.”

Winnie’s declaration echoed through the area.


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