The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3261

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3261-James was immediately trapped in the spatial cage formed by the Heaven’s Adjudicator’s Sword Lights.

He felt an intense pressure crushing him and felt intense pain from the attack. His body was continuously being compressed by the tremendous pressure.

At that moment, more than a dozen Heaven’s Adjudicators appeared before him.


James thrust the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, and countless Sword Energies shot out around him, breaking the spatial cage formed by Sword Lights.

By the time James broke free from the spatial cage, more than a dozen of Heaven’s Adjudicators had already rushed at him. novelebookMore than a dozen Sword Lights burst out from their weapons and crashed into his body.

His body yet again sustained more bloody wounds. Blood gushed out of the cuts.

James’ blood contained the power of an Ancestral God and contained devastating power.

A drop of blood was enough to agitate space and even destroy a planet.

James already sustained countless injuries, and not a single part of his body was unharmed.


The wounded James burst out laughing.

At that moment, his Yin and Yang Path Seals emerged from his body.

A scorching sun appeared and illuminated their dark surrioundings. Beside it was a dazzling bright moon.

The Yin and Yang Path Seals fused to form a brand new power.

The space around him began to rupture, and cracks formed in their surroundings. The Heaven’s Adjudicators attempted to dodge but were too slow.

Several of them fell into the space rift, and the terrifying force within it destroyed their bodies. Their bodies disintegrated instantly and dispersed into the Law of Heaven’s shards.

The shards floated far away and reformed their bodies.

After the resurrection, their strength would be somewhat diminished.

James was using everything at his disposal against the Heaven’s Adjudicators.

In the distance, Winnie was also entangled in an intense fight. Although she was an Ancestral God, the Heaven’s Adjudicators were Quasi Ancestral Gods, and there was not a big difference in strength.

She fought against a few Heaven’s Adjudicators alone and drove them away with her Scythe of Judgement. nov.ele.bookHowever, her opponents desperately fought back and managed to lightly wound her.

On the other hand, Melinda was caught up in a dangerous situation.

She was against three Heaven’s Adjudicators and was immediately overwhelmed.

James glanced over to Melinda and noticed her swarmed by opponents. She was confined in the air, and half of her body had been severed.

He quickly flashed in front of Melinda.

At the sight of James, the Heaven’s Adjudicators fighting Melinda quickly backed away.

Half of Melinda’s body was severed and she exerted all her strength to forcibly reconnect her body. Despite managing to rejoin her body, a deep would was left on from earlier attacks.

James said, “Retreat for now. I don’t want to be distracted by having to protect you.”

“I-I want to help you.”

Melinda’s face was pale, and it was clear that her injuries were serious.

James shouted, “Back off now!”

After forcing Melinda to leave, he repelled a sneak attack from a Heaven’s Adjudicator.

Melinda considered it for a moment and agreed that although she was a Quasi Ancestral God and could fight against one Heaven’s Adjudicator, facing a few of them at once was suicidal. It would be dangerous for her to continue the fight.

Moreover, the Heaven’s Adjudicators were resorting to desperate measures and were now self-destructing.


After replying James, Melinda quickly withdrew from the battlefield.

As soon as she left the battlefield, James was immediately besieged by dozens of Heaven’s Adjudicators and forced into an intense battle.

Fortunately, he had unrivaled treasures like the Infinity Steles and Elemental Wheel to aid him. novelebookOtherwise, he would have died long ago despite having the strength of an Ancestral God.


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