The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3263

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3263-As soon as he called out for Winnie, blood flowed from his mouth.


A Sword Light zoomed over toward James.

Winnie immediately picked James up and disappeared, evading the attack.

In the next moment, they appeared in another area.

James looked into the distance.

There were still eight Heaven’s Adjudicators standing on the battlefield. All of them were previously killed before but had been revived. novelebookThus, their strength had decreased significantly, and they were no longer as strong as a Quasi Ancestral God.

However, an ordinary Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor was still far weaker than them.

Seeing only eight of them left, James’ resolve hardened once more. His fighting spirit swelled, and he gripped the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword tightly with his bloodied hands.

“Winnie, my strength is decreasing gradually.”

James turned to her. “The Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s effects will only last three days more at most. I don’t have much time left, so I must kill them before the effects are gone.”

He looked at Winnie and sensed that she had also taken heavy injuries. Even an Ancestral God could not quickly recover from an injury inflicted by the Heavenly Path’s power. If one was careless, such injuries could be lethal.

“You’re already injured. Get away and leave the rest to me.”

Winnie replied firmly. “I’m going to fight by your side, Dad.”

James said, “No… Listen to me, Winnie. After this calamity, humanity will find peace temporarily. There are still many other races in the universe. The human race suffered greatly after these calamities, and I’m worried powerful creatures from all over the universe will end up targeting them. You must survive this battle.

“Protect your mother, sister, and brother within the Heavenly Path’s discretion.”

After speaking, James sent Winnie far away.

Winnie floated outside the battlefield and looked at James. His back was slick with blood, and his flesh barely clung to his bones, which were also horribly mangled.

James held the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword and straightened himself.

His resolve to see this to the end grew firmer.

Although his strength was declining, the Heaven’s Adjudicators’ bodies were destroyed once and they had been weakened.

The Infinity Steles spun around his body, and the Elemental Wheel hovered above his head.

James pointed his Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword forward, and powerful Sword Energy burst out.nov.el.ebook The fearsome attack destroyed the space it passed through.

The Eight Heaven’s Adjudicators in the distance looked at each other.

“The Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s effects are slowly waning. He’ll be out of strength in a few more days.

“Avoid fighting him head-on as much as possible.”


The Heaven’s Adjudicators secretly drew up a plan.


James raised the glowing purple Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

The purple light beamed out from the sword and soared into the sky like a giant dragon.

James grunted and lunged for his enemies.

Although James was getting weaker, he became bolder in the fight. He targeted one of the remaining Heaven’s Adjudicators and chased him down relentlessly.

The other Heaven’s Adjudicators were forced to step in and attack him incessantly.

Their weapons sliced into James’ body one after the other and even lopped off several of his bones.

With each blow that struck James, feelings of pity welled in the hearts of everyone spectating the battle.

Gradually, James killed the Heaven’s Adjudicators one after another with the last of his strength.

As the day passed, James’ strength had dropped to the level of a Quasi Ancestral God.

Out of the remaining eight Heaven’s Adjudicators, James had already killed five of them.

Only three more remained on the battlefield.

Although James still had the strength of a Quasi Ancestral God, his injuries were too severe, novelebook and a single move caused excruciating pain to course through his body.

Moreover, James had fused his soul into his body.

His body was severely injured and barely intact. Likewise, his soul also suffered similarly heavy trauma.


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