The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3266

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3266-James died in battle.

Tragically, his friends and acquaintances in Wrymstead could not attend his funeral.

James was buried in the deepest part of the universe, and everyone in Wyrmstead were unable to attend due to their lack of strength. Thus, they could not leave Earth to travel through the outer space.

Despite that, Quincy arranged for a memorial to be set up in the backyard of Wrymstead’s Imperial Palace. novelebook One was erected in memory of James, and the other of Thea.

Meanwhile, a tomb stood silently in the deepest part of the universe.

Xandros and the other human powerhouses had already left.

The area was once again deathly quiet.

The battle’s aftermath left the space littered with space rifts and made the terrain precarious. Ordinary people were unable to reach the area unless they were powerhouses at the Grand Emperor Rank.

At that moment, a lone figure appeared before the tomb.

It was a woman with long black hair wearing a black dress. She looked at the tomb, tears welling in her eyes. The tears slowly rolled down her cheeks

“Dad.” Xainte knelt on the ground and sobbed heartwrenchingly.

Xainte was a prodigy and was so close to becoming a Grand Emperor.

However, she could not participate in the battle for humanity’s survival. She could only watch helplessly from Earth, and only arrived at the battlefield after it ended.


Xainte wept sorrowfully and murmured in a strangled voice, “Now that you’re gone, who’s going to take care of Mom?”

She stood up and walked closer. She gently stroked the headstone, and remembered the times she spent with James.

Xainte kneeled before the tomb for a long time before finally returning to Wrymstead. She wanted to look for her mother but had found out that her mother transformed into the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, sacrificing herself to help James save humanity.

Not a sound was heard in the depths of the universe.


The rifts in the space continued to enlarge, and powerful energy seeped out from the voids.

3000 years passed in the blink of an eye.

Many powerful human cultivators frequented James’ tomb the first thousand years after the great battle. However, it stood undisturbed for the next 2000 years.

Out of the blue, someone had stepped into the long forgotten area.

It was a goddess-like woman in a white dress. That woman was none other than Sophie who had parted ways with James a long time ago.

She saw the battle being projected throughout the universe 3000 years ago. However, she was trapped inside a formation at a dangerous location. She had been unable to leave and only recently escaped.

As soon as she escaped, she hastened to the deepest parts of the universe.

Sophie sat before James’ grave. She did not cry nor express any sadness.


She leaned against the tombstone and said softly, “I never expected that you’d consume the Ancestral God Rank Elixir and fight against Heaven’s Adjudicators, sacrificing your life to save humanity.”

“Why did it have to be you?”

Although 3000 years had passed, Sophie still could not come to terms with James’ death.

Sophie had watched over James for a long time, and her fate was greatly connected to his.

She looked forward to James reaching the pinnacle of cultivation and never expected James to depart so suddenly.


Sophie’s helpless sigh resounded in the starry space.

After lingering around his tombstone for a while,novelebook Sophie eventually left because of the unstable space.

The space in the deepest part of the universe was shattered, and many rifts had formed from the epic battle.


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