The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3268

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3268-The depths of the universe were devastated during the battle and ended up filled with space rifts. novelebook It was full of cracks containing the Law of Heaven’s shards, forming turbulent flows in space.

After the battle, James was buried in the deepest parts of the universe.

As time passed, his tomb was swept away by spatial turbulences.

Many fierce fights had occurred throughout the universe in the past, and many chaotic spaces existed.

These chaotic spaces contained terrifying power, and even a Grand Emperor would be in grave danger if they accidentally got caught up in these spatial turbulences.

Fortunately, James’ tomb was constructed with extraordinary materials and could not be destroyed by the space turbulence.

James’ physical body lay within the tomb as the spatial turbulence carried his tomb around different parts of the universe.

Countless years passed as his tomb drifted through space.

James’ flesh began to decay and fall off his bones, which were covered with many gruesome cuts.

After many years, his flesh regrew around his bones.

His body was reformed by the Demonic Lotus and could regenerate with enough time.

As for James’ soul, he had already fused it into his flesh and bones in the Dark World.

Although not much flesh was left on his corpse, his bones were still intact. Thus, his soul survived the battle. Moreover, he had consumed the Elixir of Nine Deaths before.

The Elixir of Nine Deaths was created during the Primeval Age.

It had amazing effects. So much so that someone like Emperor Jabari held it in high regard.

The power of the Elixir of Nine Deaths remained within his bones. As his flesh and blood regenerated, the Elixir of Nine Deaths activated and began sustaining James’ body.

Long years passed, and his physical body was gradually reformed. However, James never regained consciousness.

Even though his body had recovered, the damage caused to James’ bones was hard to repair.

His soul was damaged because it resided within his bones.nov.el.ebook After his physical body was reformed, the remaining soul in his bones was gradually absorbed into his flesh.

Somewhere within the universe, a tomb appeared along with spatial turbulence.

It arrived at an ancient battlefield. It was pitch black and was connected to the Dark World. James’ tomb slowly drifted to the periphery of the Dark World.

Many years passed again.

Suddenly, James regained consciousness.

He had been asleep for many years and was groggy upon waking up. He could not immediately recall who he was nor did he know where he arrived at.

He stared at the coffin lid blankly for more than ten years.

Ten years later, James finally remembered everything.

“My name is James Caden. I can’t die! I have to get up and fight!”

Before his death, his final wish was to fight to the end. Now that he regained consciousness, he instinctively wanted to continue to fight. He attempted to get up but felt excruciating pain in his bones upon moving.


His face distorted in pain. The pain was so severe, he felt it in his soul. Awoken by the pain, the memories buried deep in his mind were gradually restored.

30 years passed in the blink of an eye.

It took James 30 years to completely remember his past.

However, he was still unsure of where he was.

“Where am I?”

James utilized his Divine Sense.

His Divine Sense passed through the coffin and tomb to scan his surroundings.novelebook The outside of his tomb was dark and emanated terrifying Dark Power.

“The Dark World?”

Startled, James murmured, “Why am I in the Dark World? Also, why am I inside a tomb? Did I die during the battle against Heaven’s Adjudicators?”

“Who buried me?

“If I died, then why have I been resurrected?”


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