The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3270

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3270-In the deepest part of the Dark World, a group of demons danced cheerfully, and countless evil spirits scurried around as if they had gone mad.

A powerful creature in the depths of the Dark World sensed the abnormality and immediately tried to assess the situation. However, he could not find out the cause of the weird phenomenon.

“This is weird. Why is this happening? Everything was fine before, so what’s going on?”

He was confused by the strange events.

The Heavenly Path of the Illuminated World also sensed the abnormality.

It also caught the notice of many Grand Emperors.

The abnormality attracted Radomir’s attention, and he immediately began investigating the abnormal changes in the Heavenly Path.

However, the Heavenly Path had gone haywire and even a Macrocosm Ancestral God like Radomir could not figure out the cause.

“It must be him.”

A young man with a see-through body sat in a lotus position on a cloud within the highest point of the universe.novelebook It was the strongest being in the universe, the Macrocosm Ancestral God of the Twelfth Universe.

Although he could not determine the situation, he had a rough guess that it was caused by James according to the time that had passed.

He speculated that James had cultivated his tenth Ousia after the human’s Fourth Calamity and exceeded the limit permitted by the Heavenly Path, which caused the Heavenly Path to spin out of control.

In the Dark World, James was finally freed from his tomb.

He had no idea how long he had been unconscious after his death or how much time he had spent trapped within the tomb. However, he was glad to finally regain freedom.

He shouted happily, “Yes!!!”

He was elated at his liberation.

James stretched his body and found that his cultivation rank had not improved at all. However, his Sword Path Ousia had reached the Divine Rank’s Second Stage. Meanwhile, his other Ousias were at the Divine Rank’s First Stage.

To his surprise, his physical strength was exceptionally strong.

The battle with the Heaven’s Adjudicators was the most brutal fight he had in his life.

During the fight, his physical strength was at the Ancestral God Rank. It activated the power contained within his Demonic Lotus.

Now that the Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s effects had worn out, his physical strength was comparable to that of a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor.

“Ho, ha! Ho, ha!”

James threw a few punches in the air.

Powerful force erupted from his fist and rippled through space. A few evil spirits around the area quickly scurried away.

“My physical strength is finally equivalent to a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor without relying on any external power.”

James was satisfied.

He immediately assessed his body’s condition and looked at the tenth Ousia inside him.

The Ousia was black and looked very odd. It uncannily resembled a human fetus.

James murmured, “The Dark Ousia looks quite bizarre.”

He paid it no mind. His priority was to leave the Dark World as soon as possible and return to the Illuminated World. He wanted to reunite with Thea and continue living in seclusion with her.

Since he was properly buried, James knew the Heaven’s Adjudicators were most likely wiped out,novelebook and the humans had safely survived the Fourth Calamity.

He promised Thea they would live in seclusion after the Fourth Calamity and not concern themselves with worldly affairs any longer.

James was still unaware that Thea had already died long ago to become the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

James surveyed his surroundings and tried to find the exit.

In the past, he lost his way in the Dark World because he did not have a Dark Ousia.

Now, he could sense his surroundings, including time and space.

Despite that, he had no idea where the exit was.

He had never practiced Extrapolation Art and could not deduce the exit’s location.


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