The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3276

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3276-Winnie was an Ancestral God and should have many means to fight and survive. James did not want to believe Winnie would sacrifice her life to kill the last three Heaven’s Adjudicators.

“Huff.” James took a deep breath.

After learning that Thea might still be alive, James felt a little bit better.

He looked at Xandros and said, “The position of the Human Race’s Lord isn’t rightfully yours.”

Xandros did not reply, but a Grand Emperor immediately stepped forward. The man was relatively powerful and was a Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor.

He immediately reprimanded James, “What nonsense are you spouting, James? If he isn’t the rightful Lord of the Human Race, do you think you’re entitled to the position?”

James glanced at the man and said calmly, “It’s not his rightful title. What has he done for humanity? What gives him the right to be the Human Race’s Lord?”

Xandros hurriedly interjected, saying. “If you want to be the Lord of the Human Race and Heavenly Court, I’ll pass on the position to you, James. Now that we’ve finally recovered prosperity and peace, let’s avoid fighting among ourselves.”

James said nonchalantly, “I’m not interested in the position.”

He turned around, pointed at Jacopo, and said, “I don’t want it, but my son will take the position.”

Xandros replied, “I’ve been teaching him in the past years in hopes for him to be the next Lord of the Human Race. He still isn’t qualified and is too weak to take the position for now. I’m afraid others won’t willingly accept him as the new lord.”

“Who wouldn’t?”

James glanced at the powerhouses in the main hall and asked, “Who opposes my son being the Lord of the Human Race and the Heavenly Court?

“I saved the Human Race. Without me and Thea’s sacrifices, do you think any of you would be standing here safely today?”

James’ voice resounded throughout the main hall.

At that moment, a man in golden armor with a long sword at his waist stepped forward.

“I oppose it.”

He stood before James and said, “I acknowledge that you’ve made many contributions to the Human Race, James. Without you, we would’ve perished. However, the Ancestral God Rank Elixir was prepared in advance by the human Ancestral Gods in the Primeval Age. You simply ate it. Without you, anyone else could’ve consumed it and killed Heaven’s Adjudicators.

“Xandros has been the Human Realm’s Lord since the Primeval Age. He is highly respected and is supported by all of the powerful humans.”

The warrior was very firm with his words.

He was the current general of the Heavenly Court and a powerful cultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. He was also in charge of millions of the Heavenly Court’s troops.

Janes glanced at him and smirked. Then, he replied nonchalantly, “Then, I’ll have to beat you up until you accept it.”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?” The warrior immediately drew his weapon and said coldly, “You’re nothing without the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.”

“Enough with the nonsense.” Xandros stood up and said, “Step back, Pascal Waalkes.”

“Lord Tegan, he’s being too arrogant. I’ll teach him a lesson for you.”

Pascal immediately prepared to take action.

Xandros ordered, “Step back.”

“Understood.” Pascal put away his weapon.

James pointed his long sword forward and stared at each of the human powerhouses in the main hall. Then, he said indifferently, “Who else opposes my son as the Human Race and the Heavenly Court’s Lord?”

At least a thousand people were in the main hall, but no one spoke out.

“Dad, stop it.”

Jacopo stepped forward and said, “I’m not interested in being the Human Race’s Lord.”

James glared at him and reprimanded, “Your mother sacrificed her life for the human race. Without her sacrifice, this prosperous and peaceful Human Realm wouldn’t exist. I want the Heavenly Court to be ruled by the Cadens.”

James was dissatisfied. He had made a lot of contributions to humanity but got nothing in return.

Although he was not interested in gaining anything, he wanted his son to enjoy and rule over the Human Realm.

Jacopo was speechless at his father’s actions.


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