The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3278

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3278-“I know.” James nodded slightly.

He stood up and said, “You two should move out of the Heavenly Court for now. Go to the Mortal Dimension and pay homage to your mother.”

Both Jacopo and Xainte stood up.

They left the Heavenly Court and headed toward the Mortal Dimension.

Meanwhile, many people gathered in Wyrmstead’s Imperial Palace in the Mortal Dimension.

All of them were James’ old acquaintances. They had come to investigate after sensing the abnormal energy coming from the palace. However, they found nothing upon reaching the site.

Quincy stood at the front and looked at the two tombs before her, asking, “What happened?”

Henry shrugged and said, “Who knows? I heard a furious growl that shook Wyrmstead. After that, a purple light shot up to the sky.”

Everyone began guessing what had happened in the palace.

After much discussion, they still could not figure it out.


At that moment, three light flashes descended from the sky and appeared before the tomb.

The lights gradually transformed into three figures.

“Jacopo, you’ve come to visit the Mortal Dimension?”

“You’re here too, Xainte. Are you two here to pay homage to your parents?”

Those present greeted Xainte and Jacopo.

Suddenly, they noticed James and froze.

Hundreds of people were standing before the tombs.

Quincy, Maxine, Cynthia, Tiara, Thomas, Langston, Tyrus, the Omniscient Deity, Henry, the Blithe King, Delainey, the Callahans, and others were present.

Everyone stared directly at James with wide eyes. All of them were in disbelief.


Henry took a few steps forward.

James smiled at the familiar faces and replied, “Yeap, it’s me. I’m back.”


Quincy could not hold herself back and rushed over to hug James.

James quickly raised his hands and looked at the people in front of him innocently.

James could smell the pleasant fragrance coming from the beautiful woman in his arms. James immediately said, “What are you doing? There are so many people here.”

Quincy let go of James and looked at him with teary eyes. Slightly choked up, she said, “I-I thought you were dead. It’s been a hundred thousand years! You’ve finally come back!”


Maxine walked over and greeted James with a smile. Although she also wanted to throw herself into James’ arms, she suppressed her emotions.

“You’re here too, Maxine?” James chuckled.

“You little brat!” Tyrus walked over with a happy smile. He slammed his fist into James’ chest and said, “I’m glad you’re alive. It’s great that you’ve returned to us safely.”

The others also came over to greet James.

James caught up with them one after another.

Delainey asked, “How is this possible, James? The Human Realm’s Lord, Xandros, buried you in the deepest parts of the universe a hundred thousand years ago. How did you come back to life?”

Everyone looked at James, curious to hear his reply.

“It’s a long story. Let’s put this aside for now. I’ll tell you all about it when I have the chance.”

James did not explain much to them.


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