The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3279

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3279-Thomas stepped forward and said, “It’s good to see you again. Now that we’re in a peaceful and prosperous age, you can live safe and sound with your family.”


James glanced at Thea’s tomb. He walked over and touched the tombstone with a sorrowful expression. Then, he murmured, “My family is incomplete without Thea.”

Lex walked over and comforted him, “You don’t have to be too sad, James. We’re now in a peaceful age. I’m sure Thea would be relieved. Besides, there are many decent women in Wyrmstead. You can just marry another woman. You can even have multiple wives if you’d like.”

Gladys also interjected and said smilingly, “That’s right. Thea has been gone for a hundred thousand years. You should let her go. You have my blessing to marry whoever you want, James.”

The Callahans were grateful to James. It was because of him that they could become a cultivation family.

James helped them become cultivators, which allowed them to extend their lifespan. Although they were in the Mortal Dimension, the bigwigs from the Sage Dimension were still very respectful toward the Callahans because of James and Thea.

Henry walked over and stood in front of Thea’s tombstone. He looked at James and said, “You can’t live in the past forever, James. Thea sacrificed herself for humanity and is the hero of all humans.”

James snorted and said coldly, “But for how long will humans remember her? A thousand years? Ten thousand years? A hundred thousand years or an Epoch?

“With time, people will eventually forget her name and sacrifice for this peaceful age.”

Henry could sense the resentment in James’ words and was slightly taken aback. He asked, “She made a choice and has already sacrificed herself. What else can you do?”

James looked at Thea’s tombstone and said resolutely, “We now have a prosperous and peaceful age because of her sacrifice. I want the Cadens to rule this world.”

All those present were stunned by James’ words.

Henry looked at Jacopo and whispered, “What’s going on, Jacopo?”

Jacopo said helplessly, “Dad broke into the Divine Dimension and caused a huge commotion in the Heavenly Court. He demanded Uncle Xandros step down as the Human Realm’s Lord and hand the position over to me.”

“What?” Henry was taken aback.

He immediately patted his thigh excitedly and jumped up excitedly.

“I support you, James. The Cadens should rule the Heavenly Court!”

Everyone was startled.

James wanted to rule the Heavenly Court?

It was a great ambition.

Thomas said solemnly, “Have you thought it through, James? Although I’ve never been to the Sage Dimension or the Divine Dimension, I’ve heard from Jacopo that the situation in the Heavenly Court is quite complicated.”

James said firmly, “The Heavenly Court must be ours. If Xandros doesn’t want to give it up, I’ll kill him and whoever stands in my way.”

Henry immediately gave him a thumbs-up and said excitedly, “You’re so domineering, James! My cultivation rank may be low, but I’m with you in spirit!”

Xandros replied, “Dad, it’s best to tread this matter carefully.”

James waved his hand and said, “I’ve already formulated a plan. I’ll wait three days. If Xandros doesn’t pass the title to Jacopo, I’ll overthrow him.”

James had no care about whether his actions would cause chaos.

No one present spoke a word.

Although they were cultivators, with some of them already Sages, they were incapable of helping James overthrow Xandros.

“Alright, that’s enough. You guys should leave. I’d like to be alone for a while.”

James waved his hand lightly.

Everyone turned to leave him.

James instructed, “Prepare some wine for me.”

“Alright.” Quincy nodded.

After everyone left, James sat alone in front of Thea’s tombstone and stared at the starry sky in a daze.

Soon, Quincy returned to the tombstone with wine. She handed it over to James but did not leave immediately. She said softly, comforting James, “Thea wanted you to live well.”


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