The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3280

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3280-“Alright. I understand.”

James nodded lightly and said, “After I resolve these troublesome matters, I’ll go find Thea.”

“Troublesome matters? Find Thea?”

Quincy was slightly taken aback.

‘What troublesome matter?

‘How is he going to look for Thea? Is Thea still alive?’

“You won’t understand. Just leave me alone for a while.” James waved his hands lightly.


Quincy had a lot she wanted to tell him, including how Thea had entrusted James to her already and that she wanted to marry him.

However, James chased her away, so she swallowed her words.

After Quincy left, James was alone.

James picked up the wine and began to drink.

“Thea, I don’t really want to bother with the Heavenly Court. I’ve no interest in the position of the Lord of the Heavenly Realm and the Heavenly Court. I also don’t wish for Jacopo to get involved in this messy situation.

“However, the Heavenly Court is already a mess.

“Although Xandros is strong and used to be the Human Realm’s Lord in the Primordial Age, it was because many powerhouses hid to avoid the calamities. Therefore, they did not interfere with the Human Realm’s affairs.

“Now that the calamities are over, the position as the Lord of the Human Realm is too tempting. Xandros won’t be able to stay in position. He wants to use me to help eliminate some of the powerhouses threatening the Human Realm’s peace.

James used to be the Emperor of Wyrmstead. Although he was only a mere leader of a country, he understood the power struggles very well.

If a country alone had so much internal warfare, there was definitely a lot more fighting going on behind the scenes over the Human Realm.

Whoever became the Human Realm’s Lord would obtain supreme power.

Back in the Heavenly Court’s main hall, Xandros gave James a meaningful look.

James immediately understood and made a scene over the position of the Human Realm’s Lord.

He did not know the specifics yet and was waiting for Xandros to contact him.

“Wait for me, Thea. After I settle these troublesome matters, I’ll use the Time Capsule to come to look for you in the Primeval Age.”

James mumbled to himself while having a few drinks.

As the night fell, James leaned against Thea’s tombstone.


A blurry silhouette appeared, and a handsome man gradually materialized before him.

James looked at him but did not say much.

The man called out, “James.”

It was none other than Xandros.

Xandros walked over and said smilingly, “You immediately understood me with just a glance.”

James said lightly, “Tell me what you need me to do.”

Xandros replied solemnly, “After the end of the Four Calamities, I created the Heavenly Court to ensure the Human Race’s prosperity.

“However, there are many unstable factors in the Heavenly Court.

“There are two Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors in the Heavenly Court. One is Yehuda Baxter, commonly called Emperor Yehuda. To prevent him from rebelling, I granted him the title of the Heavenly Court’s Grand Priest, and he was given equal power as the Heavenly Court’s Lord.

“The other Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor is Connor Landon. He’s very interested in the position of the Heavenly Court’s Lord. Ever since he joined the Heavenly Court, he’s been secretly recruiting people.”

Xandros briefly explained the situation in the Heavenly Court.

James replied nonchalantly, “The title of the Heavenly Court’s Lord is nothing special to a real powerhouse. It’s not even worth fighting for.”


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