The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3281

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3281-Xandros shook his head and said, “You don’t understand, James. We’re in a peaceful age right now. You resolved our calamity, and humanity was able to avoid the fate of extinction. From now onward, the Human Race will be blessed with good fortune.

“These two powerhouses are both at the highest possible cultivation rank a human can reach right now. They can’t progress any further. If they could become the Lord of the Human Realm and the Heavenly Court, they could seize the Human Race’s great luck. It might even be the key for them to enter the Ancestral God Rank.

“All these years, I’ve been grooming Jacopo to be the successor to my position. Earlier in the Heavenly Court’s main hall, you understood what I was trying to relay to you very well. It’s also my wish for Jacopo to take over my position.

“I want to use this opportunity to eliminate a few threats who are trying to seize the luck of the Human Race to become Ancestral Gods. I’ll pass the title on to Jacopo after making sure none of these threats remain.”

Xandros did not care about these superficial titles.

He would be satisfied as long as the Human Race continued to be prosperous.

Xandros wanted to prevent the Human Race’s good luck from being stolen as it would result in the humans becoming weak again.

“What part do I play in this?” asked James.

Xandros replied, “Melinda is a very important person that will affect the results of my plan. She’s a Quasi Ancestral God and will increase your chances of winning if you can get her support.

“Three days later, I’ll announce that I won’t pass on the position to Jacopo and to cut all ties with you. If you cause a scene in the Heavenly Court after that, the two Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors will surely seize the opportunity to make a move to fight for the position with you.

“I’ll everything else after that to you.”

James nodded, slightly waved his hand, and said, “Alright, I get it. You can leave.”


Xandros did not stay long and disappeared from James’ sight in a flash.

After Xandros left, Melinda came to see James.

Melinda called out, “James.”

James looked at her, nodded lightly, and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Melinda walked over and lightly bowed to Thea’s tombstone. Then, she said, “I knew you wouldn’t die so easily and would return. If you truly died, everything would cease to exist.

“I also predicted you would cause a huge scene in the Heavenly Court.”

“Oh?” James looked at her.

Melinda replied, “After the Four Calamities were neutralized, the Human Race once again became the leader of all creatures. Being the leader of all creatures means great blessings from the Heavenly Path.

“Under the circumstances that the Heavenly Path doesn’t permit anyone to step into the Ancestral God Rank, this might just be the chance for one to surpass the limit.

“I’m aware of this, and so is Xandros. However, the other powerhouses must also be thinking the same. You must’ve reached some kind of agreement with Xandros to cause a massive commotion in the Heavenly Court today.”

Melinda spoke softly, giving her analysis of the situation.

Although Xandros was the Human Realm’s Lord, many of the powerhouses in the Heavenly Court were eyeing his position. The temporary peace could only be sustained because a chance had not surfaced yet.

James was the perfect opportunity.

Therefore, Xandros wanted to use James to lure out everyone who was trying to seize the position.

“Since you already know so much, are you not interested in becoming the Lord of the Heavenly Court and the Human Race? If you were to fight for the position, who would dare to stand against you?” asked James.

Melinda smiled faintly and said, “I was already an Ancestral God in the past. Why would I need to fight for the position to seize the Human Race’s blessings just to become an Ancestral God again? With enough time, I’ll surely become an Ancestral God again.”

“Then, will you help me?” asked James.

Melinda smiled and said, “Who else am I going to help?”

After speaking, Melinda sat beside James and wrapped her arms around James’ waist. With a happy smile, she said, “My dummy.”


James immediately jumped up and looked at Melinda warily.

Melinda stood up embarrassedly and stroked her hair. Then, she said smilingly, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first.”

After speaking, Melinda disappeared in a flash.

James touched his chin.

“What does she mean? It’s hard to decipher her words. Could it be we had some sort of intimate relationship in the Primeval Age?”


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