The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3282

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3282-James was startled by Melinda’s strange behavior.

However, he did not think much about it.

James waited patiently for a few days.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

James brought Jacopo to the Heavenly Court’s main hall in the morning.

The Heavenly Court was heavily guarded that day, and many powerful warriors were on guard at the main hall’s entrance.

Seeing James, they immediately barricaded him.

James glanced at them coldly and said, “Get out of my way.”

“Let him in.”

After hearing the voice inside the main hall, the guards stepped aside and let him pass.

James strode into the main hall.

“Do you really have to go this far, Dad?”

Jacopo whispered, “Uncle Xandros has cared for me pretty well all these years. The Heavenly Court has also been like home to me. Uncle Xandros has indeed been training as the successor of the Heavenly Court. Waiting a few more years wouldn’t hurt, right?”

“What do you know? Just follow me and don’t ask questions.”

James did not explain.

Soon, they arrived inside the main hall.

Many powerhouses of the Heavenly Court were present in the main hall. Those that could join the Heavenly Court and step into the main hall were mostly Grand Emperors.

Although the Human Race went through a tragic battle in the Primordial Age that caused the death of many Grand Emperors, many human Grand Emperors that hid throughout the vast universe survived.

Now that the Human Race was prosperous, many of these powerful humans joined the Heavenly Court.

A man sat in the highest seal of the council. He wore a yellow robe and a crown, radiating an authoritative aura.

“What’s your decision, Xandros?”

As soon as James stepped into the hall, he immediately questioned Xandros.

Looking at James standing in the main hall, Xandros said troubledly, “James, the Human Race is indeed indebted to your family. I can understand why you want Jacopo to be the Human Race’s Lord, but I can’t put the future of humanity into the hands of an inexperienced child.”

James frowned and said coldly, “If that’s your decision, then there’s nothing left to discuss.”

At that moment, many guards outside rushed inside with their weapons. A few of the warriors in the Heavenly Court also stepped forward and drew their weapons, besieging James.

James glanced at them and said coldly, “I, James Caden, announce Jacopo’s departure from the Heavenly Court. Xandros, you can keep the position for a little longer. But, I’ll definitely seize the position for my son very soon.”

After speaking, James pulled Jacopo and attempted to leave the main hall.

However, many powerful guards blocked his path.

In the highest seat of the hall, Xandros said, “Let him go.”

The guards moved out of the way, allowing James to walk away unscathed.

As soon as James left, a powerhouse of the Heavenly Court said, “Lord Tegan, are you really going to let James mess around like this? He saved the Human Race and has high prestige among the humans. If he were to call for help, many powerhouses would surely support him. If he were to insist on fighting the Heavenly Court, it’d be very troublesome for us. Why didn’t you take this opportunity to kill him to prevent the Human Realm from falling into dire straits again?”

“I agree.”

“Even though James saved the Human Race, giving him a title would suffice. However, he’s openly provoking the Heavenly Court and deserves to be punished for his crime.”

Many of the Heavenly Court’s powerhouses expressed their opinions.

“Let’s not rush this matter. Let him calm down for a while.” After Xandros concluded his decision, he dismissed the meeting.

Meanwhile, James had already left with Jacopo.

Now that he had declared war against the Heavenly Court, his next move was to win over the powerhouses in the Heavenly Court.

From now onward, the two Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors, Yehuda and Connor, would surely begin to openly compete for the Heavenly Court’s Lord position.

“What a headache.”

James massaged his temples, then turned to Jacopo standing beside him with an innocent look. Then, he said, “Return to the Mortal Dimension first, Jacopo. I’ll make a trip to the Boundless Realm.”

Jacopo replied, “Okay.”


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