The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3284

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3284-Creak!

The door opened instantly.

An old man walked out wearing a gray robe. He had a beard and a few strands of hair growing on his face.


Silvester walked out of the wooden house and looked at James standing outside. He approached James and stared at him in disbelief.

“How is this possible? Didn’t you die in the battle a hundred thousand years ago?”

James sat down and said smilingly, “It’s a very long story. Let’s put that aside for now. I came to see you because I needed help with some stuff.”

“Oh? What is it about?”

Silvester sat down.

James explained, “My family has sacrificed a lot for the safety of humanity. However, the current Human Race’s Lord is Xandros. I’m unsatisfied with how things turned out and want to seize the position. I need your help.”

Silvester’s expression became solemn. He would have agreed instantly if James had requested help with anything else. However, James was asking for a very burdensome favor. He was trying to overthrow the Heavenly Court’s Lord. The Elixir Pavilion might also be destroyed if James failed to seize the position.

James did not rush for an answer and waited patiently for Silvester to consider.

After a long time, Silvester said, “We’re old friends, James. We’ve known each other for many years and experienced many battles together. I should definitely help you, but…”

He said, “The Human Race has already gone through so many catastrophes and is finally peaceful. I don’t want the Human Race to experience another disaster. If you insist on fighting the Heavenly Court, humans will suffer, and the Human Realm will fall into dire straits again.”

Silvester’s words were a clear rejection of James’ request for help.

James also expected Silvester’s rejection.

He smiled and explained, “There’s a reason I’m doing this. As a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor, I’m sure you know the Heavenly Path has permitted the Human Race to become the leader over all other races in the universe again. The Heavenly Path has also blessed the Human Race with good fortune. Obtaining the Human Race’s blessings might be the key to becoming an Ancestral God.”

One hundred thousand years ago, Silvester was a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor.

However, his cultivation rank had not improved in many years.

At his cultivation rank, it was tough to make new breakthroughs. Even if given one or ten Epochs, he might not be able to reach the Grand Emperor Rank’s Eighth Heaven.

Silvester nodded lightly at James’ words and said, “Indeed. I can sense the blessings bestowed upon the Human Race’s Lord. Whoever is in the position will be blessed with the entire Human Race’s luck, which could increase their cultivating effectiveness.”

James continued, “There are two Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors in the Heavenly Court right now. One is Yehuda Baxter, and the other is Connor Landon. Both of them joined the Heavenly Court with the intention to seize the Lord’s position.

“Xandros is aware of their motives. However, there’s nothing he can do against them despite being the current Human Race’s Lord. Xandros intends to use this opportunity to eliminate them.”

James explained Xandros’ plan to him.

Silvester fell silent. After a while, he said, “Since it’s for the greater good of the Human Race, I should support you. If there’s anything you need me to do, just ask away.”

James said, “I need you to leave seclusion and order all of the Grand Emperors in the Elixir Pavilion to head over to the Human Realm. Then, wait for my next order.”

“Alright.” Silvester nodded.

“I still have other business to settle, so I’ll take my leave first. You should head to Earth first, and I’ll come look for you when I return.”

After speaking, James left.

Silvester stood up and left the holy site. Then, he appeared in the Elixir Pavilion’s main hall and summoned the Elixir Pavilion’s Master, Helvius.


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