The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3288

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3288-James’ worried heart was at ease after finally seeing Winnie.

Although Winnie was imprisoned by the Heavenly Path, it was still possible to get her out someday.

James did not linger in the Aqua Realm any longer.

He left through the intergalactic passageway and returned to Earth.

Silvester had brought the Elixir Pavilion’s powerhouses to Wyrmstead, which was in the Earth’s Mortal Dimension. They patiently waited for James’ return to Earth.

Inside the main hall of Wyrmstead’s Imperial Palace, James sat in the highest seat of the council. All the powerhouses from the Elixir Pavilion were gathered inside the hall.

Standing at the bottom, Silvester asked, “What’s next, James?”

James lightly tapped his fingers on the table. He did not have a detailed plan yet.

After a brief thought, James replied, “We’re not in a rush, so we’ll wait for a bit. Meanwhile, I’ll head to the Divine Dimension to check out the situation.”

James left the Mortal Dimension after a brief discussion and headed toward the Divine Dimension.

Similar to the Mortal Dimension, the Divine Dimension was vast and boundless.

After reaching the Divine Dimension, James raised his head. Many palaces could be seen in the sky, and it was where the Human Race’s Heavenly Court was situated.

The Heavenly Court was established to better manage the Human Realm.


A blurry shadow immediately appeared before James upon his arrival. The shadow gradually materialized into a beautiful woman.

James looked at Melinda and felt slightly awkward.

However, they knew Melinda must have shown up because of something important.

“Oh, it’s you?” James tried to act nonchalant.

Melinda nodded lightly and replied, “Yeah.”

James asked, “What is it?”

“Ever since you declared war against Xandros, many powerhouses from the Human Race have come to see me.”

Without thinking about it, James asked, “Was it Yehuda and Connor?”

Melinda nodded and said, “Yeah. They’ve sent people to see me and tried to win my support. However, I turned them down. Eventually, Yehuda and Connor both came to see me in person and expressed their wishes for me to join their side, promising to give me great benefits after they gain control over the Heavenly Court.”

James asked, “And your reply was?”

Melinda said, “I didn’t agree to join them, of course. I told them I didn’t want to get involved in their fight for the position of the Heavenly Court’s Lord.”

James nodded and said, “Mhm. Both of them are worried about which side you’ll join, as you’ll greatly increase the chances of victory of whichever side you choose to join.”

Melinda continued, “Although the Heavenly Court seems stable on the surface, a lot is going on behind the scenes. Yehuda and Connor are trying to win over the powerhouses in the Heavenly Court, and Xandros’ forces are decreasing significantly.”

James listened carefully.

Melinda asked, “What do you plan to do?”

James fell into thought. Initially, he planned to go to the Fiend Realm to look for Qusai to get the Fiend Race to help. He also wanted to seek Henrik’s help to get the Demon Realm on his side.

However, he gave up on the idea after thinking about it.

Since it was a problem of the Human Race, he did not want to get other races involved.

After a brief thought, James replied, “Since you’ve already told them you wouldn’t get involved in this matter, you shouldn’t come to see me. If Yehuda and Connor find out, they’ll definitely put a hold on their ambitions, and we’ll lose the chance to wipe them out. You should leave for now. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Melinda nodded, then disappeared from James’ sight with a flash.

James looked at the palaces in the sky and flew toward them.

Soon, he arrived at the Heavenly Court.

The Heavenly Court was massive, and there were many palaces in there.

Every Grand Emperor of the Heavenly Court was granted a palace.

There was a powerful Accumulation Formation around the Heavenly Court that absorbed Primordial Energy from the Divine Dimension. It was the perfect place to cultivate.

James came to the Heavenly Court again to win over more powerhouses.

He activated his Divine Sense and scanned the Heavenly Court’s surroundings. Soon, he sensed Yehuda Palace.


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