The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3291

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3291-James was filled with gratitude toward Yarake from the bottom of his heart.

“Is something the matter?” Yaraka asked, already aware of James’ purpose for visiting.

James nodded and replied, “Yes.”

“Is it related to Xandros?” Yaraka inquired, pausing to glance at James.

“Yes.” James nodded slightly.

“There’s no need for this, James. Xandros is already grooming Jacopo to be the future Lord of the Heavenly Court. Once he’s matured, he’ll assume the role,” Yaraka advised.

James’ face darkened as he responded, “I can’t wait any longer. Are you on my side or Xandros’ side?”

Yaraka fell silent. She knew that James would come, but not so soon. She had been thinking about what she should do if James came. She was in a bind. She had watched James grow, so she was like a master to him. Theoretically, she should assist James. However, Xandros had been the Lord of the human race since the Primordial Age and was knowledgeable about all things human. All of his decisions were based on the interests of humankind.

“James, although the Heavenly Court is presently at peace, there are turbulent currents beneath the surface. Many are vying for the position of the Heavenly Court’s Lord. If you insist on being stubborn, they may take advantage and strike, causing great destruction to the human race once again,” Yarake warned.

Although Yaraka was unaware that James had come to an agreement with Xandros, she knew about the internal affairs of the Heavenly Court.

“That’s precisely why I’m taking a stand. I will crush anyone who stands in my way. I really need your assistance, Yaraka,” James said.

Yaraka was at a loss.

She advised him once more, “Give it up, James. As long as Xandros is in charge, everything will be fine. Yehuda and Connor wouldn’t dare create a disturbance. However, once Xandros is removed, they will take advantage of the situation and wreak havoc.”

“I don’t care,” James said. “I don’t care if the human race descends into chaos. I’m only fighting for the rights of the Cadens. If you aren’t on my side, you’re my enemy. See you on the battlefield.”

“You…” Yaraka was enraged and questioned him, “Have you forgotten the vows you made when you reshaped your physical body?”

“I would never dare. However, I’ve fulfilled my end of the bargain. Now that the human race is at peace, it’s only natural that I fight for what belongs to the Cadens,” James replied.

With that, he turned to leave and began searching for the other powerful figures of the Heavenly Court.

Although he had sought assistance from the Grand Emperors under Xandros’ banner, these individuals were loyal to Xandros and declined to help. Of course, Yehuda and Connor were observing his actions closely. Knowing that James had failed to gain the support of the powerful figures of the Heavenly Court, they silently mocked him.

James did not bother concealing his actions as everything he was doing was merely an act. In the end, he sought out Nico and departed the Heavenly Court of the Divine Dimension with him.

In Wyrmstead of the Mortal Dimension, James sighed as he sat on the throne. “I sought out many powerful figures in the Heavenly Court to win them over to my side. However, they refused my offer because of their loyalty to Xandros. Meanwhile, the remaining ones were won over by Yehuda and Connor. Now, you’re the only ones I can mobilize.”

James looked at the figures of the Pavilion.

With only a measly hundred Grand Emperors, how could he possibly seize the position of the Lord of the Heavenly Court? Even if this was a mere performance by him and Xandros, the act would not be convincing with such a huge power disparity.


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