The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3292

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3292-Lost in contemplation, James considered his next move—he needed to discuss things with Xandros.

“Hahaha, James!”

Suddenly, laughter echoed through Wyrmstead Palace’s main hall, and two men strode in. The chubby one was draped in a massive robe, while the other exuded charisma and intelligence. They were Henrik and Qusai.

Seeing this, James said to the figures of the Pavilion, “Alright, you’re dismissed.”

Hearing this, they turned to leave.

Stepping down from the throne, James was embraced by Henrik, who exclaimed, “I knew you would survive! I’ve been waiting for you to return. I never thought it’d take one hundred thousand years. At long last, you’re back.”

Qusai chimed in, “When Henrik told me you’d survive, I didn’t believe him. Everyone thought you’d perished in battle and were buried in the depths of the universe.”

James glanced at the two. Then, he turned to Henrik and asked, “How did you know I’d survive?”

Henrik was enshrouded in secrecy. When they first encountered Brielle, he knew that she would be the first living being to become a Grand Emperor in the Apocalypse Age. As expected, Brielle crossed into the Grand Emperor Rank a thousand years after the Third Calamity.

Henrik merely smiled and said nothing.

Qusai shifted the subject and asked, “James, I heard that you had a falling out with Xandros, the Lord of the Human Race and that you wish to make your son the Lord instead.”

James asked with a smile, “How did you know?”

Qusai nodded and said, “Well, the Human Realm is one of the strongest worlds in this universe. They have informants from every race and clan in the Heavenly Court. Since you’ve made such a huge commotion, it’s only natural that we find out.”

James scratched his nose. He never thought that news of this event that already spread all across the universe. At present, he was worried the other races would attack the Human Race.

Sensing his thoughts, Henrik said, “Don’t worry, James, the other races won’t attack the Human Race so easily. The Demon Realm only attacked the Human Race because they’d pierced through Heaven’s secret and found out that the humans would face the Four Calamities.”

Hearing this, James was lost in contemplation as he asked, “That’s a matter between the Heavenly Path and the Human Race. Why did the Demon Race intervene? The Demon Realm gained nothing out of the war in the Primordial Age. Instead, they suffered innumerable losses and lost many Grand Emperors. Even the Hadean Clan’s Leader is dead.”

Henrik explained, “There were many forces at work. Though the Demon Race suffered great losses, the Human Race became the lowest of all races in the universe. That was how the other races rose in strength.”

Qusai added with a smile, “Indeed, the other races took the opportunity to greatly increase their power, but that didn’t last long. No one was expecting you to resolve humanity’s crisis.”

Henrik nodded and said, “He’s right. If you hadn’t annihilated the Heavenly Path, the Demon Race would’ve obtained numerous benefits. They may have even become the leader over all the other races and get to enjoy the unlimited benefits of providence.”

Hearing this, James finally understood.

Qusai continued, “Every race except the Fiend Realm had intervened in the war in the Primeval Age. During the war, we chose to seal off our world, thus preserving our strength.”

James could not care less about these wars for providence and leadership among the races. Though his physical strength was at the Fifth Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank, his actual rank was still low. As such, he could not understand the true motivation behind these wars yet.


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