The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3293

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3293-Qusai asked, “What do you plan to do next, James?”

James replied coolly, “What else? I’ll find an opportunity to invade the Divine Dimension, attack the Cumulus Palace of the Heavenly Court, and overthrow Xandros.”

Henrik praised him and said, “I support you, James. I believe that the Cadens are the rightful rulers of the Human Race. However, with your current strength, I don’t think you can emerge victorious in this conflict.”

James glanced at him and asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Henrik smiled and said, “My master instructed me to send you a message. If you need reinforcements, he’ll send a few powerful figures of the Demon Realm to assist you. Although it’s been years since he’s interfered with the affairs of the outside world, he’s still a reputable figure in the Demon Realm.”

Qusai immediately added, “The Fiend Race will also provide assistance.”

James looked at the two. Although he had thought of seeking their help, he was hesitant about getting foreign races involved in what he considered an internal affair of the Human Race. Now that they offered to help, he suspected things were not so simple.

“Why help me?” James asked.

Henrik sat down and said, “For the future of this universe, of course.”

“Future?” James froze.

Qusai said, “According to my father, there are too many races and realms in this universe. To facilitate the management process, the universe should only be comprised of the Human Race, the Demon Race, and the Fiend Race.”

Henrik nodded and said, “That’s what my master said as well. Once you’ve secured the position of the Human Race’s Lord, you’ll join forces with the Fiend and Demon Races to wipe out the rest by integrating them into our races.”

Hearing this, James was lost in contemplation.

This was a huge decision that would not only affect the Human Race but also the Twelfth Universe. Once he agreed to their terms, the Human Race would have to work with them to annihilate the other races once the Human Race’s internal affairs were resolved.

Henrik and Qusai did not panic. Instead, they waited patiently by the side.

After some time, James said, “This is a very crucial matter. Let me think this through for a few days. I promise to get back to you.”

Henrik nodded and said with a smile, “No worries.”

Qusai stood up and said, “Let’s not talk about such serious business. It’s been a while since we gathered. Let’s drink to our heart’s content!”

“Sure,” James stood up and said.

He did not wish to think about this matter anymore today.

Standing up, he ordered Quincy to prepare some wine. Then, James, Henrik, and Qusai gathered and drank.

Though James was drinking, his mind kept drifting to the problem at hand. He wondered if Radomir had changed the Heavenly Path again and revealed new secrets. Perhaps the powerful figures of the Demon and Fiend Realm only decided to ally with the humans to reorganize the universe after discovering new information from the Heavenly Path.

As the sole ruler of this universe, Radomir could do as he pleased. All he needed to do was change the operating rules of the Heavenly Path and allow the powerful figures to see through Heaven’s secret. Since these figures could sense the Heavenly Path, it would be easy to ensure they acted as Radomir planned.

After long contemplation, James still could not figure anything out.


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