The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3297

vThe Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3297-At that moment, in Cumulus Palace…

A guard hurriedly rushed in and knelt on one knee. Wearing a panicked expression, he said, “Reporting! There’s a terrifying aura coming from the Mortal Dimension. James’ Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword has pierced through the barriers of the Mortal and Sage Dimensions.”


At that moment, the Divine Sword pierced through a palace and appeared outside Cumulus Palace. Terrifying Sword Energy shredded through the air, and the entire palace shook.

“Kill them all!”

Xandros ordered.

In the main hall, many soldiers brandished their weapons and rushed out. Some powerful figures simply sat by the sidelines and watched the show. They were the ones on Yehuda and Connor’s side.

In the main hall stood a woman. Wearing a white dress, she had a grim expression on her beautiful face. Glancing at Xandros who was sitting on the throne, she approached him and asked, “My Lord, do we really have to do this? You were the one who nurtured James into the man he is today. Must there be bloodshed today?”

Xandros said coldly, “Those who dare challenge the Heavenly Court’s authority must be annihilated at all costs.”

Hundreds of powerful figures appeared outside Cumulus Palace. All of them were at the Grand Emperor Rank, and some of them were even at the Fifth Heaven.


The Divine Sword appeared in James’ hands. Standing in the clouds, he wielded the Divine Sword. Though his rank was insignificant, his physical strength was terrifying. Shapeless Sword Energy shredded through the air as he said coldly, “Leave at once if you cherish your life. I don’t wish to hurt the innocent.”

“How dare you?!”

A cold rebuke echoed, “This is the Heavenly Court, James! Don’t you dare act so presumptuously!”

“In that case, don’t blame me for what happens next!”

James said coldly.

At that moment, Silvester stepped forward and casually waved his hand. Mysterious inscriptions emerged from his palm, gathering to form terrifying flames. The flames shredded through the air and charged straight toward the guards.

As Silvester was a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor, his attack overwhelmed the enemy’s defenses. However, he did not go all-out and only knocked them back.

After the guards were knocked back, some more powerful ones came charging toward him.

Silvester, Helvius, Nico, James, and the others struck, and a fierce battle erupted. However, the Heavenly Court’s strength was no match for James and the others. Alongside the powerful Grand Emperors, James and his gang simply swept their enemies aside.


A soldier crashed through the roof of Cumulus Palace and fell heavily to the ground, spurting out a mouthful of blood. Then, James and the others entered the main hall.

There were many powerful figures in the main hall, including Yehuda and Connor. However, unwilling to be pulled into the conflict, they all retreated to the back.

Xandros stood up and looked at James, uttering word by word, “I never thought it’d come to this, James.”

Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, James said coldly, “Give me the throne, and I’ll spare your life, Xandros.”


Xandros laughed.

Then, a golden light glimmered, and a radiant sword appeared.


Many exclaimed.

That sword was the sword of the Jade Emperor—the Heavenly Court’s Lord in the Primordial Age. It was a symbol of authority, and it possessed immense power.


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